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Possible Wrestlemania 27 SPOILER

The current plan for Wrestlemania 27 to be headlined by Sheamus vs. The Undertaker in a title unification match, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Of course, plans are subject to change.

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  1. Hank Pym says:


  2. DJ Reign says:

    Looks like an easy 20-0 for that Taker

  3. Ak says:

    I guess that all the belts will be unified sooner, rather than later, and the World titles will be last. It’s only fitting for Taker to hit 20-0 and then retire after unifying the belts. Then after mania a tournament is held to see who will face off at backlash for the new WWE Heavydweight Barney Rated G title. It will be complete with Barney’s face and all. Yippee! But on a more serious note, hopefully that this means the end of the brand split after Mania. It is about time to friggin end this. It has been what 8 years now? Being that after Mania Taker will probably leave, HHH will be working backstage, and Cena will probably film more movies, that leaves a smaller main event scene. Guys like Edge, Rey, Kane, and Big Show can’t be sticking around much longer, so hopefully next year we start seeing the long overdue huge pushes of guys like Morrison, Bourne, Kofi, and Drew.

  4. Dude says:

    I think it’s so stupid unifying all belts. Yeah it’ll make one person or whomever look huge, but they have 60+ people on the roster how in the hell can you push 20-30+ stars that are heavyweight material to win the damn thing.

  5. tkbod says:

    actually hed be 19-0…unless the miz cashed in and faced taker with taker winning making it 20-0 two undertaker matches in one night and extending the streak to 20 would be different at WM and easy on him to get to 20 unify the title and retire…maybe the best and longest lasting wwe wrestler there ever was in one single company going out like that and as wwe champion..No one has ever done it EVER not bret hogan no one its fitting and right to do.

  6. Matt says:

    Hmm, a title unification match to headline WM27, with Taker in the main event … I agree with Ak, looks like an easy 20-0, but then this makes me wonder who Taker will add to the list at WM26 next year in Atlanta. Oh well, on the note of unifying all the titles, I guess its the beginning of trimming the fat, since two split shows created more stars and added more guys to the overall roster, but then it is also due time to push the younger guys and create new stars.

  7. Scotty says:

    Where are people getting 20-0 from?? He’d be 19-0! (unless they did what tkbod said but I doubt they’d throw away the MITB on getting Taker to 20-0). Taker will go part-time as usual next year to preserve himself for WM28, go 20-0 and THEN retire.

  8. Matt says:

    Yeah I realized after I sent it that he’d be 19-0, not 20, I got confused since someone else earleir posted 20-0, my bad.

  9. Morgan says:

    Unifying all the belts – Crazy never. This is the most stupid idea ever.

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