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Female indy star comments on NXT

– Fame Indy star and veteran wrestler Christie Ricci posted the following on her Facebook in regards to last night’s episode of NXT.

“I just saw a match on NXT. Obviously these girls

are not trained! This girl, “AJ” went from a total dead sell to getting up, flipping her
hair and beating the crap out of a dude! BRILLIANT! I have a good
idea, WWE! Why don’t you get Orton to sh*t in a bag, then through it in
the ring… atleast that would be interesting and more re…alistic. And
just think.. next year this girl will be PWI’s top wrestler!!!”

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7 Responses

  1. Fawn says:

    I find this funny consider AJ worked on the indy scene as Miss April.

  2. alan says:

    just because someone works indies doesnt mean they are legitimately talented, she could be extremely talented and not look like a model and she wouldnt be on tv

  3. Eric says:

    Um is Ms. Ricci bitter much? AJ and Naomi are two talented girls…may not be the most polished wrestlers but they can be real talents in the future. Of course matches are going to be a trainwreck when you’re in there with other ‘wrestlers’ who have barely any training. The WWE Divas Division is what it is…cute girls putting on ‘barely’ passable matches in about 2 minutes. That’s on the company, not them. Don’t see why people on insist to crap on these girls when the lack of time and being rushed onto TV is no fault of theres, but the E’s. Meanwhile half of the indy talent out there would probably kill to get up to the main roster and half the same 2 minute crappy match. Just doesn’t make sense.

  4. Idontcare says:

    Alan is totally right just because you work in indy scene doesn’t mean you know how to wrestle Look at Lacy Von erich see wrestled in the Indy and see is one of the worst wrestler out there. By the way AJ Lee has only been wrestling since 2008 which means she is still green give her more time to grow. By way the promation she wrestled for is the same promation Lacy von Erich wrestled for and that is wsu.

  5. Idontcare says:

    I’m the only question if this really her facebook account. Why I’m asking look at her about me section on the facebook on the FB page it states her hometown is Hendersonville, Tennessee however on her offical website she states her hometown is Clinton, Mississippi.

  6. HM says:

    She is CORRECT!!!!

  7. Jeff says:

    Apparently doing fetish wrestling videos on your website makes you an expert. She cant wrestle either.

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