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Former WWE wrestler passes away

– Slam Wrestling has confirmed that former WWE wrestler Bastion Booger real name Mike Shaw has passed away from an apparent heart attack.

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  1. Rex Anderson says:

    I remember Bastion Booger, he had some interesting matches in the early 90’s. He was like 90’s George the Animal Steele. Tod Petingill was right about him though, everything about him was interesting even his skin like singlet. R.I.P Bastion Booger.

  2. John says:

    This guy was kind of the start where the WWF was starting to get in the Attitude era with a really outrageous and gross character.

  3. josh says:

    who could forget survivor series 93 with bastion booger bigelow and headshrinkers eating in ring during thier match. classic! booger actually beat the 123 kid on superstars. and lost to lex luger on raw. thats basically my memory of him.

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