9/10 IWA Results: Yabucoa (featuring Bryan Danielson)

Sep 11, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

from Manuel O. Gonzalez:

IWA held their first show of their GOLPE DE ESTADO tour on September 10 at the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Coliseum. The promotion reported the results as follow:

1-Lash defeated Havoc.

2-Xix Xavant wrestled Diabolico to a double count out.

3-The Kongs defeated The Faces of Fear to retain the Tag Team titles.

4-Savio Vega defeated Bryan Danielson. Bronco interfered during the match.

5-Slash Venom defeated Rick Stanley to retain the IWA Title on a Hardcore match.

6-Dennis Rivera defeated Bronco by DQ. There was a situation there that ended with Dennis Rivera challenging Bryan Danielson for the IWA Puerto Rican Title.

7-Dennis Rivera defeated Bryan Danielson to win the IWA Puerto Rican Title.

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