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Top TNA star leaving the company?

– Kevin Nash flipped out on Twitter in the past 24 hours and claims he is the leaving TNA. He claims that his contract is up on 10/12 and that he will not be re-signing. A fan asked him if he was staying and he said “No, moving on”. I really have no idea what this is over but he seemed to be mad at Jason Hervey among others. We hope to have more on this soon so stay tuned.

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  1. James says:

    Well all I can say is…about time, the guy should have retired a decade ago.

  2. Some Guy says:

    YES!!!! Thank God!!! Finally!!

  3. Matt says:

    No sweat off of TNA’s back! I agree with the rest its about time! Actually past time!

  4. Arthur says:


  5. George says:

    Everyone chant…Use the YOUNGER GUYS…use the YOUNGER GUYS!!

  6. DeathNote81 says:

    Somebody said “about time” already? Damn.

  7. Paul says:

    Can anyone say Diesel… again?

  8. steve says:

    i like nash but it’s about time, he needs to move on, and him back in wwe no way, what does he have to prove ? he can’t handle a wwe schedule . i wish nash the best if he does leave TNA but TNA isn’t losing out.

  9. Adam Fairfax says:

    Listen I’ll be the first to agree that Kevin Nash should not could not would not be in the ring at this point in his career but just because he shouldn’t be wrestling doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be around at all. He’s a pretty entertaining guy and if he’d been used right from the beginning could have offered TNA a lot. Nash is great on the mic. And I’m sorry if we have to have a show with non-wrestlers I’d rather it be Kevin Nash on my tv than Kevin Sorbo or whatever other lame B-class celeb that is hosting raw this week. Fifty percent of wrestling is verbal skill. And Kevin Nash is head and shoulders literally and figuratively above half of the TNA WWE and ROH rosters combined. He’s no slick ric but he should have and does deserve his rightful place in the world of pro wrestling. Probably gonna catch a lot of flack on this one and I don’t mind. I for one will be sad to see that big sexy is no longer apart of TNA. Now you want heat? Start a fire. You want the truth? Well I think you just read it….

  10. Christian says:

    How is he TNA’s "Top" Star?

  11. John Porter says:

    I totally agree with Adam Fairfax. I for one am a huge Kevin Nash fan. I for one will miss him on TNA. I really cant say anymore about him that Adam already covered. Kevin was very entertaining on the mic and in some respect always left you wanting more. Kevin Sheer size made you take notice and I was really getting interested in the storyline they had with him and Sting and Jarrett. Now with his contract fast approaching the deadline to resign, it looks like Big Kev is heading out of the impact zone. I for one wish him the best. Rest up big man…You’ve had one of hell of career. Wolfpac For Life!

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