News on Aloisia, el Hijo Del Santo, and Bushwhacker Luke

Sep 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Neal Jones: Aloisia’s first interview since being removed from NXT Season 3 now available at

She covers:
– Being removed from NXT Season 3
– Still being under contract to WWE
– Her goal to get into acting
– Growing up with Chyna and Jericho as her role models
– Working with ICP and attending the Gathering
– Scott Hall giving her advice
– WWE owning the name Aloisia, and she can not use it if she leaves
– Her 2 try outs with FCW
– Beth Phoenix challenging her to a match via Twitter
– Prefering to wrestle men over women
– Taking acting lessons

Complete audio at

From Arda Ocal:

Just in case you are interested to post, here are two short video interviews:

– el Hijo Del Santo talks about the origins of the lucha mask (back to the Aztecs and Mayans) and it’s significance in Mexican lucha culture, also talks about his legendary matches with Eddie Guerrero and Blue Demon Jr:

– Bushwhacker Luke explains how the hardcore heel tag team the Sheepherders from the territories became the bubbly face tag team the Bushwhackers in the 80’s World Wrestling Federation:

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