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Another match confirmed for WWE’s Night of Champions

Big Show vs. CM Punk has been confirmed for the 9/19 WWE Night of Champions PPV.

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  1. Nero says:

    this makes no sense what so ever …. this ppv is where all matches are title matches

  2. Paul says:

    So when will The Big Show or CM Punk be winning a championship so they can defend it against the other at the PPV?

  3. Simon Poole says:

    Hold on…hold on! why book this do i see Big Show with an championship title…no, do i see CM Punk with an championship title…No! so why book this match? couldn’t they wait until the next PPV to book it or unless CM Punk or The Big Show win an championship between now and the PPV

    WWE Book an lot of stupid stuff!

  4. dave says:

    moan moan moan.

    If they didn’t book this match and the feud lost heat, I’m sure you would moan then too.

  5. mike says:

    should have been do;ph ziggler vs big show for the ic title

  6. Idol says:

    why don’t they bring the Hardcore Title back and have either of these 2 win it? duh.. they can get a lot of ideas about his feud.

  7. Julian says:

    Stupid stupid stupid.

    S.E.S vs The Big Show feud is the worst feud I saw on years.
    WWE bookers are making the stable weak.
    Cm Punk got his head shaved, got ruined his character and losing his charisma.

    Stupid stupid stupid.

  8. Austin says:

    You are all really really dumb.

    Night Of Champions is a night where all titles are to be defended. There has never been anything saying that they can’t have a non-title match during the PPV. Please show me where that is!!

    Show-Punk need this match to keep the rivalry going. If not, then they’ll be stuck on the same matches and same promos they have been doing for weeks. Watch, this is the end of the feud. That’s why they are putting it on the PPV card. So it can be the final match up between them.

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