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Report: Former WWE and TNA superstar caught in illicit affair and explicit tape scandal is reporting that former WWE and TNA superstar Billy Gunn has been caught in a Mel Gibson-esque phone rant to his alleged mistress. Allegedly Gunn became romantically involved with a 24 year old Canadian woman.

Gunn’s wife uncovered the affair from photos of the couple posted on Facebook.

Click here to read the story. (WARNING: Strong language)

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6 Responses

  1. Petey says:

    “I’m an ass-man!”

    Yes you are Billy, yes you are.

  2. Mimuran says:

    w2g Billy!
    that chick sounds insane though…’s always the crazy ones you have an affair with!

  3. Pete says:

    All this time I thought he was gay!

  4. Fawn says:

    "Legendary" wrestler?

  5. Martin Luther King says:

    Oh forget to mention that he was a multiple time tag team champion, IC champion and KING OF THE RING WINNER!

  6. tommy says:

    heck i didnt even know he was married to begin with and i met in at a tna show hwere in bossier city and he wasnt iun wrestling charcacter at all sig ning autographs as he wasnt too much into any signing with the girls if you get my ndrift he sure was hug friendly with everyone even myself as i was making sure he didnt touch me the wrong way he may be tall but i can hurt the big guy and thats without the low blows. but we all have our un happy times if you know what i mean cant get it at home going to get it from somewhere. wfrsetling on the road all the time cant be with the ones you love all the time and it gets lonely.

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