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Thanks to Daryl Johnson for the following:

– Smackdown open with Kane footage from last week. Pyro hits lights go out we literally see Undertaker come from under the ring. Lights come back on Taker cuts a promo. CM Punk came in. He and Taker cut long promo for their match tonight. Jack Swagger comes out with a new Swagger t-shirt. He is facing MVP right now.

– Jack Swagger vs. MVP. Match may be edited after Swagger puts abdominal stretch on MVP between ring ropes. Swagger defeated MVP with the ankle lock.

– LayCool backstage promo as they argue over who faces Melina, Kaval pokes fun at both of them and LayCool pokes fun back at him. Kaval leaves to prepare for his match.

– Alberto Del Rio vs. Matt Hardy match will be edited as well. Del Rio had his foot on Hardy’s neck which was on the ring ropes. Del Rio beat Hardy. Christian comes in and makes the save.

– Drew McIntyre defeated Kaval. LayCool run down and escorts Kaval out of the ring.

– Dashing Cody video promo on facials.

– Vickie Guerrero with her rookie introduce Dolph who is tagging with Chavo to face Kofi Kingston and Masterpiece. Kofi did pin Dolph for the victory.

– Night of Champions promo.

– Big Show cut self promo a himself and Josh Mathew. Kelly Kelly finds Show funny. Josh enters looks for mic. Show hides it under his arm.

– Undertaker defeated CM Punk. Kane pyro hits for a long time. Smackdown ends.


– Kane vs. Undertaker, which ends in a double count out.

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  1. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Wow. It’s no wonder I never watch Smackdown. This just sounds like a terrible show.

  2. Heywood Jablome says:

    yea it sucks

  3. Kyle Kosiba says:

    actully i kinda want 2 watch smackdown cause kaval goin be on the show now GOO KAVAL

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