Eugene on WWE rumors: `neither confirm nor deny`

Sep 7, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Nick Dinsmore aka Eugene was a guest tonight on Right After Wrestling. Highlights:

Is Eugene an avid gardener? (0:35)

Addressing WWE Return rumors (1:45)

The origins of the Eugene character and who thought of it (2:16)

WWE’s portrayal of the Eugene character vs the original vision (3:41)

Working with William Regal (4:23)

What we’re fans’ reactions to the Eugene character? (5:44)

Does Nick Dinsmore feel typecast into the Eugene character? (7:18)

Talent he has trained that will be superstars or that are already superstars (John Cena being one example) (11:01)

INTERVIEW EXCERPT: “Honestly I planted two plants in my garden and all of a sudden everyone is saying that I am an avid gardener. It`s kind of like rumours on the internet, how everything gets blown out of proportion. I am not a huge gardening expert now, but I did plant a couple of things in my garden. That doesn`t mean I am an avid gardener though!“

Also on tonight`s episode of Right After Wrestling, Jimmy Korderas recalls the 2002 flight where Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar had an altercation that led to Hennig`s release from the WWE. Was it justified?

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