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Impact SPOILERS for 9/16

– Thanks to Logan for these results.

– Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle come to the ring followed by Eric Bischoff. Eric congratulates Mr. Anderson for moving on to the finals and announced that due to Hardy and Angle ending in a draw the match at Bound for Glory will now be a three way for the title. Dixie Carter comes out and overrules Eric. She says tonight we will see Hardy vs Angle again with no time limit and the winner will move on to face Anderson at Bound for Glory.

(1) Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash ends in a no contest when both Jarrett and Sting both get involved.

(2) Jay Lethal d. Douglas Williams to win the X Division Title.

(3) Hamada & Taylor Wilde d. Lacey Von Erich & Madison Rayne to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. After the match Madison and Tara blame Lacey and beat her down until Velvet and Angelina make the save.

– Tommy Dreamer comes out. He says EV2 are not here tonight and he is alone. He calls out Fortune. He puts both Flair and Styles over. He says AJ is the best performer in the industry today. He offers his hand to AJ and he accepts it but then Fortune beat Dreamer down. Brian Kendrick try’s to make the save but get’s beat down as well. As Fortune are leaving Kendrick challenges any one of them to a one on one match tonight and Matt Morgan accepts.

(4) Brian Kendrick d. Matt Morgan with a roll up. Morgan demands that the match be restarted but Kendrick says no and leaves.

– Backstage Abyss attacks some random stage hand and use a branding iron to brand 10.10.10 on his arm.

– Generation Me come out and cut a promo. They say that the tag team titles are supposed to be defended every thirty days but that can’t happen after what they did to Shelley at No Surrender. Sabin comes out and attacks them both they beat him down two on one.

(5) Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy ends in a no contest when there is a double pin. Brian Hebner is bumped and Earl comes out and both count falls for the each man. Eric Bischoff looks at the replay and there is no clear cut winner so the match at Bound for Glory will be a three way with Mr. Anderson for the title. Hardy and Angle hug after the match.

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3 Responses

  1. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Very believeable that now 4 times Angle and Hardy couldn’t come to a final decision.

  2. Mimuran says:

    couldn’t come to a final decision or Vince Russo doesn’t know how to properly book an angle? Seems like the same ol’ indecisive Russo to me

  3. rob franklin says:

    Anderson/Hardy and Anderson/Angle would have both been good and made sense due to their history, why they made it a three-way is beyond me. Big matches like this should be one-on-one imo.

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