TNA No Surrender coverage: X Division Title

Sep 5, 2010 - by staff

– Tenay and Taz talk about the tournament matches tonight. Taz says that Pope doesn’t trust Anderson and that if Angle can ground Hardy he will win tonight.

(2) X Division Title Match: Douglas Williams (c) vs Sabu. Williams has new music that Taz called “Techno Englo”. It’s not very good. Sabu with flip dive to the floor and on to Williams. Sabu pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside. This distracts Sabu long enough for Doug to take control of the match. Sabu tries for a top rope Hurricanrana and messes it up sending both men crashing to the mat. Sabu has a chair but the Hebner won’t let him use it. Sabu uses the chair for a springboard moonsault which gets a near fall. Williams uses a low blow to regain control of the match. Sabu tries for a springboard DDT but messes that up as well. Sabu tries to springboard off the chair again but Williams kicks it into his stomach for a near fall. Sabu wants to spring off the chair to the floor but Hebner stops him. Sabu tries to spring off the ropes instead but slips. He is able to regain his balance and complete the dive anyway. Sabu lays Williams on the table and jumps off the apron but Sabu moves and Doug crashes through the table. Back in the ring Williams tries to use a chair but the ref takes it away and while his back is turned Williams uses the X Division title to knockout Sabu for the win.

Winner: Douglas Williams

– Christy Hemme interviews Mr. Anderson backstage. He makes fun of the Pope and says tonight his fans will be on their feet tonight chanting for him.

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