TNA No Surrender coverage: The Pope vs Mr. Anderson

Sep 5, 2010 - by staff

(8) TNA World Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: The Pope vs Mr. Anderson. They really have a tough act to follow in this one. The crowd is spent after that last match. They started off trading holds but it has turned into a fist fight. Pope is dominating things at the moment. Anderson battles back with a spin kick which I have never seen him do before. Some fans in the front row are cheering on Pope but pretty much everyone else is dead silent. Anderson is working over the previously injured shoulder of Pope. Not much to this so far but it’s hard to get into it after seeing a really good 30 minute match end in a no contest. Pope hits a codebreaker for a near fall. Anderson nails the Mic Check for a near fall. Pope misses the DDE and gets nailed with a Mic Check and Mr. Anderson gets the win and moves on to the finals in the tournament but we don’t know who he will be facing since Hardy vs Angle was a draw. Anderson cut a promo after the match and announced himself as the winner.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

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