TNA No Surrender coverage: Rhino vs Abyss

Sep 5, 2010 - by staff

(4) Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rhino vs Abyss. Rhino attacks Abyss before the bell. Rhino goes under the ring and brings out all kinds of weapons. Rhino uses a pescado over the top to the floor and on to Abyss. They fight outside and into Universal Studios. They are fighting under a roller coaster. Abyss uses a trash can on Rhino. They fight back inside. Abyss trys to chokeslam Rhino in the ring but he reverses it with a clothesline. Rhino try’s to whip Abyss into a trash can but he reverses it and Rhino goes into the can. They fight near the entrance and Rhino throws Abyss through a wall. They fight inside the stage and come out the other side. Abyss goes for a pin but only gets a near fall. Back at ringside Abyss brings a guardrail into the ring. Abyss chokeslams Rhino on to a trash can for a near fall. Abyss brings Janice into the ring. He try’s to use it but Rhino nails the Gore for a near fall. Abyss hits the Blackhole Slam for a near fall. The crowd is behind Rhino. Rhino goes for another Gore but misses and goes into the guardrail which was set up in the corner. Abyss hits the Blackhole Slam for the win.

Winner: Abyss

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