TNA No Surrender coverage: World Tag Team Titles

Sep 5, 2010 - by staff

Live from Orlando, Florida.

– All four semi-finalists in the TNA World Title tournament are shown arriving in Mr. Anderson, The Pope, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. Tenay says Hardy is dedicating tonight’s match to RVD. Kurt arrives with both his daughter and son.

– The opening video focuses on the two semi-final matches in the World Title tournament. They air comments with all four wrestlers in regards to their matches tonight and the tournament itself.

– The pyro shoots off as Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome us to the show.

(1) TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Motorcity Machine Guns (c) vs Generation Me. The match was supposed to be London Brawling vs the Guns but as we reported earlier they are not on the show for what TNA cited as “personal reasons”. We start off with Jeremy and Shelley. Nice back forth action with roll ups and hold reversals. Sabin has his hair cut much shorter than usual. These two teams work so well together. Shelley busts out the rocking horse submission on Jeremy. I haven’t seen that move in years. The crowd doesn’t dislike Gen Me but they seem to be behind the Guns. We have the first near fall of the match as Max nails Sabin with a springboard into a bulldog. Tenay talks about Gen Me being Christians. Taz says that’s all well and good but they need to get a mean streak in them if they want to be champions. Gen Me have isolated Shelley and are working over his neck. Shelley gets the tag into Sabin and he’s in to clean house. Sabin gets a near fall with a springboard into a tornado DDT on Max but Jeremy breaks it up. Suicide dive to the floor by Shelley that takes out Jeremy. A series of kicks and roll ups from both teams that brings the crowd to it’s feet. Shelley and Sabin nail the Skull and Crossbones on Jeremy for the pin and they retain their titles. After the match Generation Me attack Shelley and Sabin as the crowd chants “you suck”. They take Shelley out to the floor and drop him with a double DDT. Two members of the medical staff are out to check on him and are helping him to the back.

Winners: The Motorcity Machine Guns

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