TNA No Surrender coverage: Nash & Sting vs Jarrett & Samoa Joe

Sep 5, 2010 - by staff

– We see a hype video for the match.

(5) Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash & Sting. Sting and Nash come out to the old Wolf Pac music. Tenay says Hulk Hogan is not here tonight due to further issues with his back injury. We start the match off with Sting vs Joe but Sting goes after Jarrett on the apron. Joe breaks it up but Nash comes in and Joe takes him out. Joe is now going to town on Sting. Joe tags in Jarrett. Tenay mentions that iMPACT! will not be on this week but will return on 9/16. Jeff goes to run off the ropes and Nash knees him in the back which allows for he and Sting to take over. Jarrett makes the tag to Joe but Nash had the ref distracted and he didn’t see it. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Jarrett takes Sting’s baseball bat and uses it on Sting while the ref is attending to Nash and Joe fighting on the floor. Joe never saw Jeff use to the bat. Joe locks on the Kokina Clutch on Sting while Jarrett has Nash down on the outside. Sting he is knocked out so the ref calls for the bell and Jarrett and Joe get the win.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

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