TNA No Surrender coverage: Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy

Sep 5, 2010 - by staff

(7) TNA World Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle. Dixie Carter is shown watching from the front row of ringside. The crowd is split between both men. Angle goes for a suplex but Hardy counters it into a face jam for a near fall. Big powerbomb from Angle and Jeff lands right on the back of his neck and head. Angle is being very stiff in this match. Hardy nails the Twist of Fate for a near fall. Hardy goes for the Swanton but Angle moves. Kurt nails the Angle Slam but Jeff kicks out in two. Kurt try’s to lock in the ankle lock but Jeff get’s out. Angle now has the German suplex locked in. He nails three but Jeff kicks out in two. Kurt misses a moonsault. Hardy nails the Whisper in the Wind but only gets a near fall. They battle on the floor. Jeff hits Kurt with a Twist of Fate and climbs up top. Jeff does a Swanton to the floor and on to Kurt. The ref is counting and both men are down on the outside. Angle slides back in at 8 and Hardy at 9. Hardy goes for another Twist but Angle counters it into a German suplex. Kurt nails a top rope frog splash for a near fall. This is really good. Hardy nails another Twist of Fate for a very near fall. Swanton Bomb for Hardy and Angle kicks out again. Another Swanton and Angle kicks out yet again. Hardy goes for a third but Angle gets his knees up. Angle Slam and Hardy kicks out again. Kurt try’s to lock on the ankle lock again but Jeff counters it and sends him to the floor. Jeff rolls Angle into the ring but as soon as Hardy get’s back in Angle locks on the Ankle Lock. Hardy gets to the rope but Angle pulls him back into the center of the ring. Hardy is finally able to counter it and get free. Angle has the ankle lock back on Jeff and he still won’t quit. Jeff gets to the ropes but Angle pulls him back out again. Jeff is about to tap and the bell rings. The 20 minute time limit has expired and the match is a draw. Eric Bischoff is out from the back and is talking to Dixie Carter. The match has been restarted for 5 more minutes. Angle attacks Jeff before the bell and stomps on Jeff’s angle numerous times. Kurt locks on the ankle lock again but Jeff sends him to the floor with the good leg. They fight on the floor and Jeff slams Kurt into the steps. Hardy goes up top back in the ring but Angle crotches him. Top rope super Angle Slam but Hardy kicks out again. Angle charges at Hardy and gets back dropped over the top and down to the floor. Kurt gets back in at 9. There is less that 20 seconds left in the 5 minute over time. The time expires again. Bischoff says we need to have a winner so there will be one more 5 minute over time. Less than three minutes left in the second over time as Jeff rams Angle into the steps on the floor. Angle is busted open. Hardy locks on a Boston crab and Angle is bleeding like a stuck pig. Angle counters it into an ankle lock with 35 seconds left. The time expires again. This match has now gone 30 minutes without a winner. Trainers are in to check on both men. Bischoff is on a head set talking to someone in the truck. Eric takes the mic and says that the doctors have advised them not to continue the match because neither man is in any condition to do so. Angle is pissed and storms off. The match is a no contest.

Winner: No Contest

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