TNA No Surrender coverage: I Quit Match

Sep 5, 2010 - by staff

(6) I Quit Match: AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer. Despite being advertised as a TV title match this is in fact non-title. AJ try’s to hide behind the entrance and ambush Dreamer during his entrance but Tommy is ready for it and it doesn’t work. The ref asks AJ if he quits and AJ tells Dreamer he sucks into the microphone. Styles uses a fish hook on Dreamer’s mouth but he won’t quit. The crowd is split between both men. AJ goes for a figure four on the ramp but Dreamer breaks it up by hitting Styles in the head with a strobe light. Styles pull up one of the mats on the floor exposing the concrete and try’s to use the Styles Clash but Dreamer reverses it and sends AJ into the ring post. Back in the ring Dreamer locks on an arm bar but AJ won’t quit. Dreamer locks AJ’s arm into a steel chair and leg drops it. AJ pulls out a fork and try’s to use it but Dreamer stops him. Back on the floor Tommy slams AJ’s arm into the ring steps. AJ crotches Dreamer on the guard rail and then slams his leg into it. Styles locks on a figure four on the post on Dreamer but once again he won’t quit. AJ puts on the figure four in the ring but Dreamer won’t quit. Dreamer locks both of AJ’s legs in a steel chair and does a curb stomp. Dreamer has the fork. He try’s to use it but AJ counter with the Pele. AJ goes for a dive on to Dreamer on the floor but Tommy uses a Kendo Stick on AJ to block it. Dreamer locks on a cross face with the Kendo Stick over AJ but the stick breaks before AJ can quit. Styles pulls out another fork and jabs Dreamer in the eye with it. Dreamer is busted open. AJ has the fork and stabs Dreamer in the face with it over and over again until he quits.

Winner: AJ Styles

– Christy Hemme interviews Kurt Angle backstage. Angle says losing tonight is not an option and that Jeff is great but he’s not Kurt Angle.

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