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Possible Bound for Glory SPOILER

– The official Bound for Glory website features Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy all on the events desktop wallpaper which means the PPV main event could end up being a three way since we didn’t see a winner in the Angle vs Hardy match tonight.

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  1. Joshua Shaver says:

    Hardy-Angle-Anderson for the World Title has the potential to be a great main event.

  2. Killpgnow says:

    Iv seen all the ppvs so far, and hardy vs angle is at my top list for match of the year in wwe or tna.

  3. Al says:

    Another so-so PPV. Had some bad finishes, but TNA is far from the only promotion that does that. Still better than wwe’s beyond stale, ridiculous product. Only thing remotely good about wwe is getting to see the indy guys they signed like cm punk, low-ki, bryan danielson & matt sydal. Jericho still does ok. Oh well I’d still watch tna’s worst show over wwe’s best show any day.

  4. cole Phoenix says:

    People call WWE stale but lets see Here TNA is just using over the hill drug addicted former WWE superstars and trying to milk the last of eCws long dead spirit. While their talent sits in the locker room and we never see them. Lets face the facts yes WWE can get boring but at least they are attempting to build new stars

  5. John Howard says:

    Well if they did just sign Carlito then they could have him stand in

  6. russ says:

    Boy they really made The Pope look awesome. Leave it to tna to leave out the guy that actually made a name for himself in THEIR company. What a continuous crock. Get a clue. You need new guys. Stop having love affairs with everybody except the guys you need to push. Not hatin’. Just pointin’ out the obvious. Happy Labor Day.

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