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Match listing for TNA’s Best of the Asylum Years DVD

TNA Wrestling has opened the vault and now you can see some of the best matches from the early days that helped shape TNA into the wrestling phenomenon it is today.

Disc 1

Sabu vs. Ken Shamrock

AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low Ki

Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett

Elix Skipper & Low Ki vs. AJ Styles & D-Lo Brown

Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven vs. AJ Styles

Triple X vs. Americas Most Wanted

Raven vs. Shane Douglas

Jeff Jarrett & Lex Luger vs. AJ Styles & Sting

Bonus Matches:

AJ Styles vs. D-Lo Brown

Sharkboy vs. Chris Sabin

Disc 2

CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Terry Funk & Raven

AJ Styles vs. Abyss

Sabu vs. Monty Brown

Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles

Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Jeff Hardy vs. Monty Brown

Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

Bonus Matches:

Sabu vs. Abyss

Monty Brown & Abyss vs. Americas Most Wanted

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

Monty Brown vs. D-Lo Brown

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  1. Kerry says:

    Jeff Jarrett & Lex Luger vs. AJ Styles & Sting

    Really? Why put that on there?

    Or this one – Sharkboy vs. Chris Sabin

  2. Morgan says:

    More with Sharkboy-

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