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Vickie Guerrero’s rookie diva fired


WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero has fired her NXT season three Rookie Diva, Aloisia.

Various sources are reporting that Guerrero, the temperamental Official Consultant of SmackDown, had an argument with her 6-foot-9 Rookie Diva over Vickie’s influence over Aloisia.

The news has left WWE NXT season three shaken before it’s even started. But when reached for comment, Guerrero stated she would reveal her new Rookie Diva on the WWE NXT season three premiere this Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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8 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Shows you how much focus WWE has on their Divas division, they don’t even really know who they want to featured on the all-divas edition, having a last minute change like this …

  2. ryo saeba says:

    wwe divas are wortless

  3. Captain A says:

    And why are they worthless? Because WWE doesn’t know how to use them? That’s hardly their fault. Women can have great matches too, but WWE doesn’t utilize them that way, unfortunately.

  4. Theo says:

    Odb? Awesome kong?

  5. Ray C. says:

    Oh, get real. If the WWE gave a crap about Women’s wrestling, they would not have the crap that is on there now. Most of those Divas on there serve solely as eye candy. It ain’t Shimmer, you know.

  6. Marlon says:

    there will probably be more to this story, she got too much hype just to get dropped. wwe really should bring in ODB, Kong, and Mickie James. few injuries and retirements really killed the divas, but i have no problem with the eye candy segments

  7. tommy says:

    so who else will her other rookie be thats in fcw right now? then ya have who it will be.

  8. Neil says:

    Have a Divas NXT was a stupid idea to begin with. There’s only 1 or 2 with any real talent and the rest look like cheap hookers who have no idea about wrestling. Their matches are not entertaining and a waste of time.

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