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TNA News on Nash, Knockouts, Mick Foley and more

– TNA will be debuting a new PPV series called “”TNA Wrestling Knockouts: Mad Sexy Volume 1” on 10/2. The show will be hosted by Christy Hemme and feature matches with Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and others.

– Eric Bischoff wrote on his Facebook that one of the segments on tonight’s episode of ReAction on a rising star in TNA is must see.

– The Beautiful People’s reunion was the highest rated segment on iMPACT! last week with a 1.15 rating.

– The Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that management no longer has faith in Mick Foley as an in ring wrestler. Foley is expected to have a match at Bound for Glory but don’t expect to see him in the ring much past that.

Booboo Stewart interviews Kevin Nash.

– Jakks TNA Legends of the Ring series has been released in Europe and should hit North America in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. johnnybadd says:

    mad sexy volume 1??? tna’s promotional people are functional retards!

  2. Romayo says:

    Gail Kim in a TNA PPV? I hope this is TNA’s way of trying to entice her to come back. Remind her of what she help build.

  3. DeathNote81 says:

    Management NO LONGER has faith in Mick Foley as a wrestler?! What was their first clue? The fact that he was RETIRED, or the fact that he’s middle-aged and out of shape?

  4. JayJay says:

    To be fair DeathNote81… I don’t think Mick was EVER in shape. I just think all those injuries over the years have caught up to him.

  5. Old School Wrestling Fan says:

    No faith in Foley’s in ring ability ,but Sting and Nash can get as much ring time as they need even if it is at the expense of the company, younger talent, and bored audience.

    Sting and Nash have been mailing it in for years now and are also not what they once were physically.

  6. fansincebeginning says:

    Foley sucks nowadays he’s old, beat up and very fat, anyhow, bigsexy is still a beast of a bigman and sting is in good shape also but I agree NONE of them should be in a ring unless they put some good wrestlers over. Lots of talk about tna, thats good give them more exposure. Gail kim was way better of in tna, look at her now in your wwe, shes nothing.

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