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Interesting Tweets by Matt Hardy

Sent in by Jono Kiklis:

I dunno if you’ve come across Matt Hardy’s twitter over the last day or so but he’s been letting off some steam in terms to him not getting pushed, don’t know whether its report worthy but yeah, some examples below:

As u know, I’m extremely passionate about my job-I give everything I have every time I’m in the ring. Its frustrating when its not enough. about 3 hours ago via TweetCaster

Gotta state this. I’m sick & tired of being ‘hurt’, being misused, & not being shown the respect that I’ve earned-something has to change. about 3 hours ago via TweetCaster

I gotta say this-I love all of my great friends & fans that have stuck with me regardless-THANK YOU! In life, I won’t quit. I WILL NOT DIE! about 3 hours ago via TweetCaster

Not looking for pity, & never will.. RT @alteredash: @MattHardyBrand If u hadn’t kayfabed us so much in the past I might feel sorry for you. about 3 hours ago via TweetCaster

As far as “kayfabing” people, I’ve never done anything intentionally 2 insult my fans-I just try to make things unpredictable & real for u. about 3 hours ago via TweetCaster

IMO, that’s how pro wrestling should be.. Unpredictable & full of suspense-I try & keep that in mind. Cuz as a fan, that’s what I want.

For the record, I’m not “quitting”, I don’t have my head down & I’m as optimistic as ever-but sometimes, u gotta just say what’s on ur mind. about 2 hours ago via TweetCaster

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9 Responses

  1. haidar says:

    ive got a feeling hes getting RELEASED

  2. Matt says:

    Matt still trying to use the internet to get a push… meh

  3. lachlan says:

    matt needs a pushed he is a nice guy and he is BETTER than jeff.

  4. Stephen Carpenter says:

    I’ve never understood why they didn’t push him when he was HUGELY over. Well I do actually, it’s cause he got popular on his own. Vince didn’t create his popularity like he did Jeff and Vince doesn’t like to push things he didn’t create (see Goldberg, NWO, WCW, ECW and the list goes on and on).

  5. Scotty says:

    Bye then Matt, it’s been fun seeing you in WWE. I don’t want to see you go but you seem determined to get yourself fired. Enjoy jerking the curtain in TNA coz you sure as hell aren’t getting a main event spot there either.

  6. James says:

    Sad really Matt is the better of the two Hardy brothers. Jeff was pushed to the moon, yet was released twice because of a drug problem. Seems WWE has their priorities backwards.

  7. Eric says:

    I don’t understand why guys like Matt and Christian aren’t getting pushed, but guys like the Miz, the american, american, American, ect.. Are.

  8. jon says:

    matt doesnt look healthy, he looks fat and really sick. something is wrong with him, if he wanted to be pushed, he’d get himself in shape and stop trying to use the internet to get himself over. is jeff the only one with drug problems? cuz i dunno, but matt aint lookin good recently at all.

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