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Claim: ROH steals WFX Wrestling‏ Footage (and ROH’s response)

September 2, 2010

For Immediate Release

Winnipeg, MB– It has come to the attention of WFX Wrestling that one of it’s North American competitors Ring Of Honor Wrestling has used footage from WFX OVERLOAD without any written permission or license to do so, in an effort to promote an internet Pay Per View.

The footage in question is used to promote Charlie Haas, for his upcoming appearance for the struggling Northeast company, as they run an event in New York City in September. Executives in WFX are not amused.

“Well the way I see it, ROH can send WFX a payment for the money they saved from not having to go to Texas to produce footage of their own to promote Charlie Haas, that they instead chose to steal which that they had absolutely zero rights to from our Company.” Commented WFX CEO Jeff Dyck.

“Its a piss poor business move from a Company that is a bit of a joke if you ask me.” Comments Mike Davidson. “We would never be in a position to do the same because in our humble opinion, guys such as Delirious, Chris Hero and Austin Aries pale drastically in comparison to the brand name talent we use. Would they do this to TNA, or WWE? No of course they wouldn’t but today they did a hell of a job of legitimizing our Company.”

WFX will be issuing an official Cease and Desist to ROH Wrestling owner Cary Silkin tomorrow but already WFX Vice President Mike Davidson sent a personal note via Facebook that read:

Disrespect Intended

Please accept every disrespect intended in this e-mail.

You’re company Ring of Honor is using WFX Wrestling footage to promote Charlie Haas for your upcoming internet Pay Per View.

Please stop immediately, and get all footage that belongs WFX off of your promotional videos.

Thank you, and have a great day.

Mike Davidson
WFX Wrestling

According to both Davidson and Dyck the matter does not create an issue for Charlie Haas’ continued involvement with WFX.

“I wouldn’t care if Charlie personally delivered the footage to that idiot Cary Silkin, and told him please use this, Silkin and his team of wonderbrones, should know they have no rights to the footage.” Added Davidson, “Charlie is still gold with us.”

ROH response by Dave Lagana…

“No footage of Charlie Haas was ever used on any ROH on HDnet TV show,” Lagana wrote. “No video of Charlie Haas was used in any ROH VideoWires or ROH Commercials. The only images of used of Charlie and Shelton used were still photographs sent via the talent.

“The only video we could find that seemed to fit his description was this fan created video posted on”

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