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Update on TNA talent signing

The Pope DAngelo Dinero just tweeted:
“Just heard the news. Now THAT….That’s Cool!

I would believe that he is hinting that Carlito Colon has signed with TNA. Earlier Dixie Carter tweeted that TNA has signed some new talent. Carlito’s no compete clause from WWE ended two days ago. We will see.

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  1. johnnybadd says:

    that is cool they signed carlito he’ll be champ in 2mos n mid card fodder by x-mas.

  2. Hijo De Tacos says:

    AS usual, this signing will have no IMPACT on the promotion whatsoever.

  3. John says:

    You may want to check the Pope’s twitter account again. He’s put up another tweet:

    "Whoa! Just got the "News" of Pope’s earlier news. That was purely coincidental. For The Record, Pope has NO CLUE as to who was signed. ~ PHS"

  4. haidar says:

    wwe really wasted him

  5. adman says:

    No haidar…Carlito wasted himself and his WWE career cause he couldn’t stay clean.

  6. David R. says:

    I watched carlito when he was starting off in puerto rico, he showed a lot of talent and promise. Its sad to hear he just ‘gave up’ in WWE and gave in to the whole painkiller thing. Though if u ask anyone in P.R. whos better, they would all say his brother, Eddie, known as Primo in WWE. Carlito can show his true talent in TNA, and they wont even care about the pills – they signed jeff, didnt they?

  7. Ray C. says:

    Carlito is a solid wrestler who needed a push. Problem was he got stupid and lazy, and got fired. Dixie is gonna do nothing for him, and he is just going to regress.

  8. DeathNote81 says:

    TNA only has one show. They need to stop signing so many people. If anything, they should be doing the opposite and trying to make their roster LEANER, and focusing on a smaller group.

    As a fan of Carly’s, it’ll be nice to have him back on tv. That’s ASSUMING it is him, and ASSUMING TNA has room for him. Seems to me they have WAY too much going on right now for Carly to even get a fair introduction, let alone any kind of lasting exposure.

    Hell, Joe and Lethal can barely get any tv time! Not long ago, the MCMG couldn’t either, so what hope does Carly have?

    I hope they had a gameplan for him in advance.

  9. tommy says:

    well he wouldnt make the main title anyways hed be maybe tv title or x division at the most waiting to see where they go with him if he diod sign that is and maybe mickie james and also shelton benjamin coming in?
    now trheres your main eventer there

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