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Aug 30, 2010 - by staff


We start the show with Jim Cornette in the ring interviewing ROH World Champion Tyler Black. The conversation is about the rumor Tyler Black is leaving ROH. Black says he loves ROH and is proud how much he is done in this promotion. But in the end no one out bids a Billionaire from Connecticut. Black has signed with WWE. We have known about this for weeks, but now ROH is making it part of the storyline. Black basks in the boos from the ROH faithful. He says how much would he be worth if he showed up on some Monday night on another âہ“show” with the ROH World Title. He promises the crowd that when he leaves ROH it will be with the belt.

In Ring Action….

The House of Truth and Roderick Strong v. 3 jobbers

Trios match with a big focus on Strong showing how dominant he is in the ring. Quick one with Strong getting the pin via the big boot.

Winners-House of Truth and Roderick Strong

More In Ring Action….
Colt Cabana and El Genericho v. ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kings of Wrestling
It’s the parade of champions tonight. Great display early of some chain wrestling. Cabana loves the art of the sport, that’s for sure. I think Hero likes it to, but he just won’t show it. About halfway through Genericho really begins to take off showing why the crowd loves him so much. We see him walk the rope with ease, and then take on both champs with all that he has and more. The non champs are really working well, until Kevin Steen and Steve Corino show up on top of the ramp with the chain!!! They slap the chain on the metal ramp letting it echo throughout the arena. Cabana gives them just a glance, which is just enough time for Hero to land an elbow for the win.
Winners-ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kings of Wrestling

In Ring Action….

10 Minute Hunt
ROH World TV Title Eddie Edwards v. Mike Sydal

Sydal is not his brother Evan Bourne, not yet. He is still earning his stripes. Edwards submits him in 35 seconds.

Winner-ROH World TV Champion Eddie Edwards

Backstage Jim Cornette talks about how at Glory by Honor he needs a man ringside during the ROH World Title Match that will make sure everything goes well. With it being a No DQ match, things could get crazy. The man he has picked to control the battle between ROH World Champ Tyler Black and Roderick Strong is none other than former World Champion Terry Funk. Love this move.

Main Event
Non-Title Match
ROH World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black v. Steve Corino

Corino has been everywhere in this business. He is a veteran that carries the scars with him wherever he goes. He quickly heads out of the ring, but is followed out by a suicide dive by Tyler Black. Steen is ringside with Corino doing everything he can to help him. Black is still playing babyface, even though they are trying to make him heel on the way out. Corino grabs a fork and goes for Black, but Black lands a SuperKick for the win.

Winner-Tyler Black

After the match Black is jumped by Steen and Corino. He is then saved by Cabana and Genericho. But out comes Roderick Strong to get in a few shots on Black before their title match in two weeks.


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