8/29 WWE house show results from Springfield, MA

Aug 30, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: wrestlingview.com

Kozlov/Santino defeat Archer/Hawkins

– Lots of banter before the match between Archer and Santino, Santino wins via his finisher (The cobra I think?) After the match, Alberto del Rio comes down and takes out Santino and Kozlov. He gets on the mic and says he should be in the main event vs. Kane. Instead he has to face Chavo Guerrero. He says Chavo will end up in the hospital with Rey Mysterio.

Christian defeats Tyler Rex
– Apparently tyler rex is heel now. he did an alright job, he mocked christian quite a bit. crowd was behind christian all the way i just think they were stunned he was the 2nd match on the card. christian wins with the killswitch.

Bella Twins defeat LayCool

– crowd was so dead for this match. Laycool tried to get as much heat as they could, but couldn’t muster up nothing. Bella Twins win via the old double switch. Michelle McCool looked Unbelievable and I hate The Undertaker.

Great Khali defeat Dudebusters

– went to get beer for this match. my buddy said it sucked.

CM Punk defeats MVP

– Kind of controversial promo by Punk in my opinion. See, he came out (by himself) and addressed the crowd of Springfield as “bullies”. He used that exact word. The controversy is that two young students have killed them-self in the Greater Springdfield area, and it was clearly due to bullying. Its been all over the news You can google it, too sad for me to explain. He cuts his promo, MVP comes out. Before the match started, there was great banter between CM Punk and the crowd. This guy was unbelievable, just working the crowd like no other. CM Punk wins with the GTS.

Alberto del Rio defeats Chavo Guerrero

-Del rio wins with his arm bar submission. crowd was behind chavo 100%, couple times there were EDDIE chants.

Kane defeat Big Show in steel cage match!

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