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Funk’s Corner – Tough Tony Borne

Tough Tony Borne’s finishing hold was the Cannon Ball Jump from the top rope landing seat first on his opponent. Tough Tony’s standard offer was for anyone to lay down and take his Cannon Ball Jump from the top rope. If they were able to come to their feet within 30 seconds Tony would give them $500.

Tough Tony took out wrestler after wrestler trying for the prize money.

Finally, Dory Funk Sr. accepted the challenge however it was not Dory Funk Sr. who was going to lay down and take the Cannon Ball Jump but Funk asked his friend and Tag Team Partner, Ricky Romero to take Tough Tony’s Cannon Ball Jump from the top rope with Dory Funk Sr. at ringside offering moral support.

Ricky Romero laid in position and Tough Tony climbed to the top rope. Tony leaped high into the air and landed flush on the back of Ricky Romero. The clock started with the ring announcer, Steve Stack calling the time as the seconds passed. 5, 4, 3, 2————-.

Ricky Romero came to his feet beating the clock by a second. Tough Tony Borne was out $500 to Dory Funk Sr. and the following week a complete sell out was at the Amarillo Sports Arena to watch Dory Funk Sr. vs Tough Tony Borne.

My condolences to the Family of Tough Tony Borne.

Dory Funk Jr.

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