Mikey Whipwreck interview recap

Aug 27, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

from Todd Frizzell:

Recently MIKEY WHIPWRECK joined Low Blow Radio to give his thoughts on the wrestling world TODAY! Here are some highlights from this historic interview!

When asked about Hardcore Justice Mikey said the following…

“I was about what I had expected. At first I was thinking it was not such a hot idea bringing it back but at the same time I was happy for the guys who got to perform there. I think it was done on very short notice so some of the guys who hadn’t worked for a while could have negatively effected the show. Overall I thought it was alright but came across sort of fake as far as the atmosphere and fans went. At least that’s how it came across on TV. I was watching. I was contacted to work the event by Tommy Dreamer but I told him I wasn’t interested nor was in shape to do so.”

When asked about the idea of TNA bringing back a form of ECW to even run all ECW house show events Mikey had the following to say…

“I really don’t think it would be a very good idea. I mean I’m sure they could draw 1,000-1,500 people for the shows, depending on where they went however I don’t really think this would do anything for TNA as far as their company goes. I think they need to focus on the younger guys and push them instead.

When asked about the potential of Paul Heyman coming to TNA Mikey said the following…

“I think it would be good. As he said he would fire everyone over 40. He would put a lot more focus on the younger guys.”

Other subjects included…

Thoughts On WWE

Thoughts On TNA

Injury Update/explanation

Comparing Hardcore Justice to One Night Stand

And More!




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