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Lance Cade’s Father Blasts Linda McMahon, WWE


Harley McNaught was planning to stay silent and grieve. Then he saw what Linda McMahon said about his dead son.

McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, was asked last week about the death of McNaught’s son, who wrestled for the WWE as Lance Cade and who had struggled with an addiction to painkillers before being released by the company, then dying earlier this month of heart failure.

“I might have met him once,” McMahon said as she insisted that the company could not be blamed for deaths of its employees outside the ring.

That response has left Harley McNaught and his son’s other survivors furious.

“I’ve been with him on two different WWE functions where she came up to him and knew him by name,” McNaught said in an interview from his office in San Antonio, where Lance died, aged 29, on Aug. 13.

“She disrespected him,” McNaught said. “She disrespected my family.”

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3 Responses

  1. Scotty says:

    Mr McNaught, your son disrespected your family a hell of a lot more than Linda McMahon by not taking care of himself and making his own bad decisions that led to his death.

  2. Keith says:

    Your son was a drug addict, death is what happens to drug addicts. Don’t hold the McMahon’s responsible for your son’s free will. Maybe you should have been a better parent and gotten your son off of the drugs. There was no disrespect meant by what Linda said

  3. Zach says:

    Scotty and Keith you have to be the two biggest morons I’ve ever read replys from on here. You both are very idiotic, drug addiction has very little to do with parenting and more to do with ones own personal weaknesses or failure to realize when one is weak in a moment. Neither of you two marks know his family, nor do I, and you do not know Linda McMahon. I think you both should retract your statements, but idiots usually believe they are right. Keith who the heck are you to call Lance Cade a drug addict? Is it because you read it on the internet and you know this to be 100% true? You are the definition of a mark, and Scotty who are you to say Lance disrespected his own family more than Linda did?

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