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Update on the release of Serena

According to Dave Meltzer, Serena was released after multiple “rough nights.” The recent Smackdown skit involving her and the Straight Edge Society was designed to send Serena a message. Apparently management didn’t feel she was getting the message, and she was let go.

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  1. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Well, it’s hard to play straight edge with a hangover no doubt. It’s a shame, she has a ton of potential. they usually offer rehab though and only release if it’s turned down so it makes you wonder.

  2. dave says:

    Well Stephen, it’s hardly a case of offering rehab for a few "rough nights". Bottom line, if you try portraying a straight edge individual then it doesn’t work with bags under your eyes all the time with the occassional bloodshot eye. .

    However, she’ll be back before long if indeed she is talented enough, or perhaps more importantly, thought of better.

  3. JFlyswatter says:

    It’s hard to play Straight Edge when YOU’RE NOT STRAIGHT EDGE! CM Punk should know better…Get someone that isn’t just playing the part. You can’t make someone not drink and not have a good time.

    WWE needs people that are actually living that lifestyle…Not just acting!

  4. Ed says:

    I was shocked by this I thought it was Tiffany since she is currently suspended. Punk, I feel will be adding more members to the Straight Edge Society soon. Darren Young, could join them since Punk was his mentor on Nexus any way.

  5. Team LayCool says:

    Wow the wwe is so strict. Anywho, if they let cryme tyme jeff hardy rey mysterio and all of those other druggies come back then serena should be back in no time

  6. emerio says:

    I disagree with this release. I really like Serena. =(

  7. johnnybadd says:

    who says cryme tyme were a bunch of druggies?

  8. davidducker says:

    ‘she’ll be back before long if indeed she is talented enough’ yeah because wwe only hires the very best ladies wrestlers. its not like they hire models and try to train them to wrestle or anything…

  9. Marlon says:

    this should be a good thing for CM, i like serena and hope she gets some help if thats the case. bring her back as a regular diva. i’m a little tired of SES, CM didn’t really need a faction. SES should be coming to an end soon anyway.

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