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Update on Skip Sheffield injury and future of Nexus

As reported on earlier, the fear is that Nexus member Skip Sheffield suffered a broken ankle at a WWE event over the weekend in Hawaii and that he could be missing a lot of time as a result. Last night’s Raw was taped in Los Angeles last week following Summerslam so they were safe for that show. It remains to be seen if an angle will be run on next week’s 900th episode of Raw in Boston to explain why he won’t be used on a regular basis (that is of course assuming the injury is as bad as it is being reported among the wrestling media). Believe it or not, The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter is reporting that there has already been talk in WWE of killing the Nexus angle by October.

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  1. Matt says:

    That would be a very abrupt end to the Nexus angle, which I actually like. I had a fear for a while that RAW was going down the tubes and then the Nexus invasion happened and suddenly I had the same interest in RAW that I had when during the Monday Night Wars, and I never thought I’d have that same level of interest again. I’ll even go so far to say that the Nexus angle is probably the best thing to happen in the John Cena era of WWE. It would be sad to see it killed off so quickly in October, I feel like the angle hasn’t even reached it’s peak yet.

  2. Carl says:

    you see to me it makes the top talent look very weak. you have these so called (rookies) wwe develpmental talent (which are very good workers for the most part) taking down the top star. wwe did this about 3 years ago when they brought in the spirit squad vs dx. how that work out??

  3. Marlon says:

    if they bust this nexus gang up that early it would be a waste. individually one or two stand a chance, but together they can put in some good work. spirit squad went after DX, probably the greatest duo, fan favorites, they were not going to break DX. nexus went after cena who is always split by the crowds, and they picked apart other top stars as a pack. without nexus we will be back in the "age of Orton" which is cool and all but this angle holds too many possibilities to let it go too early.

  4. Heywood Jablome says:

    dude spirit squad vs nexus

  5. Miguel Guerra says:

    No way Nexus can end so early..They have been selling merchandise from Nexus! T-Shirts, armbands….even a twitter of their own they have. But without skip sheffield Nexus isnt the same….Husky Harris I think that can replace him for some time but no for long…SKip gives power to NEXUS. Now that they can battle for titles I though that Skip and Otounga would won the tag team championships, but as Spirit Squad all members can defend the title, I kind of liked it that way! And Barrett the WWE Championship!

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