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SPOILER for TNA’s Bound for Glory

Advertising for the Bound for Glory PPV suggests the TNA Heavyweight title tournament will come down to Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson, which, as things stand, is the planned finals for the vacant championship.

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  1. Jeremy W. says:

    I think that’s a good main event, not the best they could come up with, but Anderson has definitely paid his dues in TNA and has had some great matches with a wide range of opponents. Angle is just Angle, there’s no explanation needed there. It would be a great credit to Anderson’s career if he was able to beat Angle, really put him over as not only a World Class competitor, but to say that he beat Angle and basically retired him, that would lead to years and years of Main events for him, if used right.

  2. chris says:

    I think it should be pope and hardy or pope and angle… anderson has never been all that impressive imo…

  3. Ocelot says:

    …….And AJ Styles is where?

    So TNA is going to put a former WWE star they tried to build the company around and only gained a marginal audience and a former WWE star that, while he’s certainly gotten over with the Orlando crowd and is young enough to warrant a good spot, and the fact that he was over at varying points in WWE, they’ve taken for granted since the moment he signed a contract. And they also haven’t exactly booked him to be a winner either.

    Sure, Angle and Anderson had TNA’s best PPV match so far this year, but that doesn’t mean the re-match should be the selling point of the biggest PPV of the year. And it goes to show the piss poor planning of this that not only do they completely run over AJ Styles relatively epic title reign with Rob Van Dam (who, all respect due to him, hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire in TNA as far as matches go), they also didn’t have enough foresight to have him lose that title rather stripping him of it and leaving it vacant for nearly 2 months.

    Great job TNA, you sure know how to sell wrestling to wrestling fans. And worse yet, most of the great wrestling you used to have is either gone or not as good as it used to be.

  4. Rex Anderson says:

    Its about time Ken Anderson got his due. Aj Styles got his due, but its time to give Anderson a much needed chance since he screwed up in his WWE days

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