ROH on HDNET 08/24/2010

Aug 24, 2010 - by staff


We start the show with some In Ring Action….

The Briscoe Brothers v. NES

The Briscoes are working towards the PPV to face The Kings of Wrestling. This is really just a showcase match tonight. With the Briscoes giving the crowd what they want. An old fashioned ass kicking. The Briscoes hit their finisher, which is the Road Warrior’s finisher on steroids.

Winners-The Briscoe Brothers

More In Ring Action….

Pick 6 Contenders Match
Kevin Steen v. Jerry Lynn

Lynn has way more experience here, but Steen is really starting to earn a reputation as a great worker. This might be one of the last times we see Jerry Lynn wrestle. He is debating on having major back surgery, which may be the end of his career. Let’s hope not. After a brutal beginning for Lynn with just a beating being given by Steen, we see a turn for Lynn. Lynn hits a suicide dive out of the ring to begin to turn the tide. Back in the ring we are about 15 minutes in and Lynn hits a high cross body from the top rope for a near fall. Steen changes the pace with a sharp shooter(Scorpion Deathlock if you ask me). Lynn thinks hard about tapping, but in the end finds the rope. Steen then attempts a front moonsault, but misses. Lynn climbs to the top again, as he has done thousands of times. Out comes Rhett Titus to distract Lynn. Lynn leaps from the top rope onto an unaware Titus on the floor. Lynn climbs back in the ring and is greeted by a powerbomb from Steen. Steen grabs the rope on a pin for the win.

Winner-Kevin Steen

Backstage Jim Cornette talks about the ROH Tag Team Champions the Kings of Wrestling facing the World’s Greatest Tag Team Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. At Glory by Honor we will truly see who the best tag team in the world is. I am so looking forward to that match. Cornette is greeted by Roderick Strong and his manager Truth Martini. They say that they want to pick the referee for the title match, because they are worried they will get screwed over again. Cornette tells them they are crazy. Out comes ROH World Champion Tyler Black. Black says let’s not worry about the ref at all. He wants the match to be No DQ!!! Cornette tells Black this is a terrible idea. But Black says he will not wrestle if Cornette does not make it a no disqualification match. Both sides agree and now at Glory by Honor it will be Roderick Strong v. ROH World Champion Tyler Black in a no disqualification match. On a side not Tyler Black has changed his Twitter account from @ROHTylerBlack to @WWEBlack. Sad day for ROH.
In Ring Action….
Main Event
8-Man Tag Team Match
The Embassy v. The Dark City Fight Club, SkullKrusher, and Grizzly Redwood

Interesting Main Event. Never have been a big fan of 8-man tags, but it is what it is. Davari for the Embassy starts us off. He has kind of faded into obscurity here in ROH. Too bad, because he is really very talented. The crowd is really dead in this one, as am I. I think I nodded off for a while. We are all out on the floor except SkullKrusher. After some thought SkullKrusher wakes this crowd up with a suicide flip over the top rope to the outside. Wow. But after all that Davari steals the win with a quick pin.
Winners-The Embassy


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