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Smackdown Diva Released is reporting that WWE has released Serena.

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  1. Chris Johnson says:

    There has to be a story to this.

  2. Jeff says:

    No way. Serena shaves her head for CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society and she gets released? WTF? :(

  3. Steve says:

    Was this because of something she did during the match on Smackdown? If so, I didn’t see anything wrong. She was going places WITHIN WWE, not out the door.

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    Dave Meltzer said on the Observer / F4W forums that it was for disciplinary reasons.

  5. Will Henderson says:

    well i checked, they have not done the standard “_______ _______ released” announcement on the site yet, and that’s they “Will you well on your Future Endeavors” message they send when they are released. so I’ll take it as a grain of salt until WWE confirms it on

  6. Matt says:

    Now where does the SES go from here. She was the only one with any character in the grouo besides CM Punk.

  7. MDIZZY says:

    wow…. speechless…. i was hoping heywould have an anle where punk was starting to get too affectionate with serena to the chagrin of festus (yes, m still calling him festus) but i guess not

  8. brett young says:

    WTF this is shocking…she was like the hottest in the wwe right now and was great as a manager. i cant beleive this, hopefully she makes a come back because i would hate to see her not come back and be one of those divas the wwe has let get away…for example: Brooke Adams, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, etc. it makes you question…they get rid of Serena but they still have Jilian Hall? makes no sense. or they get rid of shelton benjiman but they still have william regal? makes no sense.

  9. Team LayCool says:

    Wtf. After seeing Serena in a match with K2 I was really looking forward for more… I guess the stupid angle that they’re going to try to implant is that Serena got caught drinking again and the S.E.S kicked her out… Off-screen

  10. jon says:

    haha actually sounds like she was released because she wasnt living the straight edge gimmick out in public. guess if thats the case, she has noone to blame but herself.

  11. Marlon says:

    maybe she just wasn’t developing properly. kind of out of the blue, unless she wanted to grow her hair back and be a diva.

  12. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Just a terrible decision by WWE unless there is something more to it. Serena has way more talent than most of the women on the roster and she and Punk were perfect. they just keep screwing up the SES more and more.

  13. Ray C. says:

    SHe is still on the Smackdown roster. Unless they take that down, I would imagine that she is merely suspended.

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