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Aug 22, 2010 - by staff

We start the show with Rey Mysterio in the ring thanking the WWE universe. He says he could not have made it through his match with Kane if it weren’t for the WWE fans. Out comes Alberto Del Rio. It is his debut in WWE and they are matching him up with the other Mexican on Smackdown. Nice. Alberto says he and Rey are legends in Mexico. Rey says he is nothing and does not deserve respect. Rey tells him to prove how great he is by wrestling him tonight. Alberto accepts, but with no respect to Rey. Rey slaps him and hits the 619 on the way out of the ring. On the walk up the ramp Rey winks at Alberto.

In Ring Action….

Intercontinental Title Match
Champion Dolph Ziggler v. Kofi Kingston

It feels like these two have wrestled every week for the past year. That is not a good feeling. This is a rematch from Summer Slam when the Nexus interrupted this match and it was declared a no contest. Dolph takes Kofi out of his game early. We get about 10 minutes out of these two. About average. Kofi goes to the top rope and Vicki knocks him off. DQ.

Winner-Kofi Kingston via DQ

After the match we go out of the ring and Kofi attacks Dolph. Vicki gets in the way and gives Dolph the chance to jump him from behind. Hopefully this is the end of this feud.

Backstage we see the Straight Edge Society. They say tonight they are going to prove they deserve CM Punk’s approval. Tonight Luke Gallows and Serena will face The Big Show and Kelly Kelly. Punk says if they lose, they are out of the SES.

In Ring Action….
The Big Show and Kelly Kelly v. The SES
This is Serena’s official first match. Pretty boring match, but all mixed tag matches are boring. Serena hits the gutbuster on Kelly Kelly for the win.

After commercial Kane is in the ring. He is talking about how he destroyed Undertaker because he was tired of being in his shadow. He says he waited 15 years to take advantage of the Undertaker. He has taken the Holy Grail, the World Heavyweight Title. He has replaced the Undertaker as the Devil’s favorite demon. We will see what is to come for the Brothers of Destruction.

In Ring Action….
Drew McIntyre v. Christian

Before the match begins we hear Dashing Cody Rhodes music. He walks out in a three piece suit on to join the commentary. Before he does he stops and checks himself in the digital mirror. Why do they have him do this? The mirror is clearly not real. Very dumb. Listening to Cody for awhile makes me realize he is not the talker his father was or is. The action quickly spills to the outside. While outside Drew lets Christian see a very sadistic side of him. Christian swings uncle Mo back in his favor and works on Drew with some classic Christian moves. Both men get tangled up on the top rope and Christian rolls Drew up for the win.

After the match Cody Rhodes attacks Christian with Drew. Matt Hardy comes out for the save. He has cast on his left foot. Cody and Drew get the upper hand again and start tearing up Matt foot.

Backstage Teddy Long tells Kane that next week the Undertaker is returning to Smackdown!!!!

Main Event
Alberto Del Rio v. Rey Mysterio
Alberto comes out in a Rolls Royce. He is ring announced by the Spanish Announcer. Del Rio is getting a pretty good push to be in the Main Event on his first night. Del Rio uses his size advantage on Rey to show the WWE universe he is for real. Kind of a slow moving match with Rey being held down against his will, and ours. Rey goes for the 619, but Alberto catches his legs and lays Rey out. Both me are pretty spent about 12 minutes in. Alberto gets Rey in an arm bar and gets Rey to tap.

Winner-Abler to Del Rio via submission

Really. An arm bar. Rey should leave WWE with the little pride he has left.


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