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Aug 21, 2010 - by staff

Today’s History Lesson—August 21st

8/21/1979—Dusty Rhodes defeats Harley Race, to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

8/21/1997—highlights from WCW “Clash of the Champions XXXV”
-Steve McMichael defeats Jeff Jarrett, to win the United States Championship.
-Alex Wright defeats Ultimo Dragon, to win the WCW World Television Championship.
-Chris Jericho defeats Eddy Guerrero, to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.
This was the final “Clash of the Champions” event.

8/21/1999—WWF “Shotgun Saturday Night” airs for the final time.

8/21/2000—Lita defeats Stephanie McMahon, to win the WWF Women’s Championship.

8/21/2005—highlights from 2005 WWE “Summerslam”
-Chris Benoit defeats Orlando Jordan, to win the United States Championship (match only lasted 25 seconds).
-Kurt Angle defeats Eugene (Angle’s Olympic Gold Medals were on the line).
-Rey Mysterio defeats Eddie Guerrero, for custody of Dominick (Mysterio’s son).
-John Cena defeats Chris Jericho, to retain the WWE Championship.
-Batista defeats JBL, to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (No Holds Barred Match).
-Hulk Hogan defeats Shawn Michaels.

-Caryn Mower (born 1965)
-Nathan Jones (born 1970)

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