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All-Stars Wrestling of Florida âہ“Full Throttle” results w/Bill Alphonso‏

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All-Stars Wrestling of Florida weekly Friday events are held at Stroker’s of Tampa, 11236 W. Hillsborough Ave. with an 8pm belltime. By the decree of ASW Commissioner “Gentleman” Joe Littrell, tonight marked the launch of a 16 man, bracketed tournament to decide the new #1 contender to Alex Decay’s ASW Heavyweight championship.

(1) âہ“Dancing Machine” Bobby Fonta defeated D. Ramos of the NY Ricanz (w/D. Lee)

Ramos was not happy to see Fonta break out the dance moves and decided to go rope to rope with him. Fonta was too smart and slid to the floor to sit in the front row as Ramos nearly ran out of gas. Ramos was waiting for Fonta and he jumped him when he got back in the ring. Fonta was victim to a beatdown from Ramos and a verbal beatdown from Lee at ringside. Fonta fought back as the fans cheered him on motivating him to kick out of several near falls. Fonta got his groove back and went on the attack. The Ricanz had some miscommunication and it cost Ramos who was pinned following a DDT.

Don Maximo of the FXE came out ready to attack Fonta. Just when it looked like it was was going to be lights out for Fonta’s dancing spotlight, âہ“Gentleman” Joe Litrell came out and laid down some new laws. If anyone in FXE attacks Bobby Fanta and his holding a championship they will BE STRIPPED! If Simon Sez or Maximo touch Fonta they will be fired.

(2) Wayne Van Dyke defeated Brendan Scherer.

Both men traded moves until Van Dyke’s face met Scherer’s boot. Scherer went right to work on the head and neck with a vise hold. Van Dyke fought out only to have his sunset flip turned into an elbow drop for two. The match ended up on the floor where Van Dyke hit a tope’. Van Dyke went up top but Scherer fell into the ropes causing testicluar damage. But Scherer made a tactical error and got caught in a Code Red like move to get Van Dyke the win.

(3) In a first round match of the Contender’s Tournament, âہ“the Encore” Aaron Epic defeated Josh Rayne of the Virus.

Epic and Rayne left off where they did the last time they faced off, with Epic trying to end the match in record time. Rayne was alone with no members of the Virus in attendance so he had to rely on his own skills. Epic broke in his new kickpads by kicking Rayne several times in the shoulders. The match went to the floor where Epic chopped Rayne and choked him on the bottom rope setting the Ole’ kick but not getting three. Rayne avoided contact and delivered a running kick of his own, which stopped any momentum âہ“the Encore” had going. Rayne followed with a missile dropkick for two then working on Epic’s neck & shoulder. Rayne went for a lucha like move but got cut off and Epic hit a T-Bone suplex which stopped both men. Epic was the aggressor with the thousand chops in the corner followed by another facewash. Epic was ready to win but he was tagged with a superkick followed by an enziguri and double boot to the face getting two. Rayne was hit with a Wizard and a Burning Hammer like slam but got two. Rayne countered a hold and hit Epic with a tombstone piledriver for two. In the end it was Epic who got his hand raised in victory.

The Highwaymen, Ferrari and Star Stevens made their way to the ring to air their greivances with the way thing went down in the ASW Tag Team championship match last week. This brought out the ASW Tag Team champions Gu$ Money & âہ“the Prodigy” Mike Cruz with Don Maximo of the FXE ready to fight. But the ASW officials and âہ“Gentleman” Joe Litrell broke it up before it got started. Some heated words were exchanged but cooler heads prevailed. Litrell asked the Highwaymen to get out of the ring so the ASW Tag Team championship match could begin.

(4) ASW Tag Team champions Gu$ Money & âہ“the Prodigy” Mike Cruz of the FXE (w/Don Maximo) defeated Super Grover and Afro Boy.

The champions tried to verbally intimidate the challengers but it fell on deaf ears. Gover & Afro Boy controlled the tempo until Cruz reversed a waistlock and it sent Grover right into a forearm shot from Money. This allowed the champions to take over on Grover for several minutes with some assistance from Maximo. In between moves the FXE talked trash with Highwaymen who were sitting with the fans drinking some beers. Grover fought back defeated close to thirty times and after a spinning sitout slam he tagged in Afro Boy. Afro Boy took on the champs solo nearly getting the win on a Northen Lights suplex. Money & Prodigy were hit with a Afro Boy bodyblock for two. But in the end Afro Boy fell to a top rope senton and legdrop combo. After the match the champions taunted the Highwaymen and the fight was on. The champions were holding their own using the champioship belts as weapons while the Highwaymen used folding chairs to even the sides. Security and ASW officials were involved again, keeping the parties apart as the Highwaymen stood tall in the ring holding the championships.

(5) In a first round match of the Contender’s Tournament, FXE member âہ“Emerald Emperor” Simon Sez defeated Maxwell Chicago (w/Flex.)

Chicago serenaded the fans with a new song, only to be stopped by Simon Sez who told Chicago and the fans he was only a few victories away from regaining HIS championship. Chicago tried to jump Sez before the bell but got piefaced to the face. Chicago threw his coat on the referee and this allowed Flex to toss in the Shake weight in the ring which Chicago introduced to Sez’s gut. Chicago tossed Sez to the floor allowing Flex to get in a workout tossing Sez around ringside. After a referee confab, Chicago joined Sez on the floor only to toss him back in the ring for a two count. Chicago hit a second rope splash but got only two. Chicago locked in a body scissor hoping to get Sez to tap out. But Sez fought to his feet only to get locked in an abdominal stretch which was made worse as Flex assisted from the floor. The referee finally caught the cheating and kicked Flex’s hand which allowed Sez to drop Chicago on the ropes crotch first. Sez got on the attack with punches, kicks and knees to Chicago’s body. Sez followed with his Simon Series but Chicago got his feet on the bottom rope. Chicago recovered and hit a rolling beckbreaker for two. Chicago and Flex tried to end it all but their tricks finally backfired and Sez leveled Chicago with a lariat to move on in the tournament.

âہ“Gentleman” Joe Litrell came out and presented the new ASW Florida Elite championship to FXE member Biff Slater. Just when Slater thought his evening was over, Litrell told him that he had a match with Raymond Snow!!

(6) The ASW Florida Elite champion Biff Slater defeated Raymond âہ“Killing Machine” Snow.

When the bell rang Slater dipped to the floor to have a solo meeting. Slater finally re-entered the ring where Snow slapped him on a corner break. Slater fired back with a snapmare and a kick to the neck. Snow jumped up and kicked Slater in the gut several times causing the champion to fall into the corner. Snow brought him to his feet to lay in several chest chops but Slater fought back with shoulder blocks. Snow countered again hitting two elbow drops for a two count. Slater missed a corner splash butr Snow didn’t miss a corner clothesline or corner Rolling Thunder for two. Snow hit an STO for two and followed with a second one also for two as Mike Cruz came out to distract Snow. Snow missed his discus clothesline and Slater won with ring shaking spinebuster.

The FXE came out to the ring to celebrate Slater’s victory but âہ“Gentleman” Joe cut it off, saying he wanted Bobby Fonta at ringside. Several ASW officials surrounded the ring reminding the FXE they cannot touch Fonta. Litrell said some ASW stars had disadvantages in the tournament. Litrell had a gift for Fonta, he will be advised in his match next week by former ECW/TNA manager Bill Alphonso!! All of the FXE left except for Slater and that turned out bad as Alphonso’s encouragment motivated Fonta to slide in the ring and hit Slater with a DDT. The stunned champion was helped out of the ring as Fonta danced around ringside with the championship belt.

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