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More names removed from the TNA website

– The bios of Tomko, ODB, Daniels, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman have all been removed from Tomko had not been used on TV in a couple of months and it appears that he may no longer be with the company. Waltman and Hall were no longer being used after Hall was arrested a while back and Waltman skipped a PPV. Daniels was released do to cost cutting measures and ODB quit recently as she was not happy with the way she was being used.

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  1. Will says:

    if they could get rid of Hogan & Bischoff,and bring in Paul Heyman,TNA might have a chance of surviving.The Hogan-Bischoff TNA is ok at best.They need to weed out all the rats(Hogan,Bischoff,Nash),bring back Daniels,and for God sakes get rid of Dixie Carter!

    Can she not see that she is going to be the downfall of TNA because she keeps listening to Hogan! We need Paul Heyman back in wrestling.Instead of Dixie shelling out money to has beens,Give control to Heyman.Look what kind of budget he had with ECW.Imagine what he could do if they took the money they were giving Hogan,and he actually brought in some top talent,WOW

    Bring back the 6 sided ring also.That is what made TNA unique.Now Everytime I watch TNA,i feel like im watching an old episode of Nitro.

    Get a clue Dixie! Wake up and get you head out of Hogans ass!Hogan was good like 20 years ago.Today he is just in it for money.Wake up smell the coffee,get some better management or TNA will fail.

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