Linda McMahon asked about the passing of Lance Cade

Aug 19, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

When speaking to reporters regarding the death of former WWE Superstar
Lance Cade, Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut Linda
McMahon said that WWE can no more be held accountable for deaths of
performers “than a studio could have prevented Heath Ledger’s death.”
McMahon then proceeded to say that she “might have met” the twenty nine year
old Cade “once” during her time in WWE according to a report on
“Who knows what causes people to have addictions and do what they do?”
McMahon said. Marla Romash, an adviser for McMahon’s opponent, Democratic
U.S. Senate nominee Richard Blumenthal, fired back. “Linda McMahon holds out
her record in business as her main qualification for office, so it’s really
important, then, for people in Connecticut to look at how she treated her
workers and wrestlers and ask if she’s really going to be there and stand up
for them.” In 2007, under the leadership of Linda McMahon, WWE started an
all-expenses-paid program to help all past and current WWE Superstars deal
with their drug and/or alcohol addictions.

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