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Honky Tonk Man responds to Eric Bischoffs comments on WWE‏

– From Stephen Wilton:

Honky Tonk Man responds to Eric Bischoffs comments on WWE‏

Eric Bischoff calls the WWE youth movement a flop!? My what a short memory you have Eric. In 2000 you and Vince Russo called anyone over 35 (with the exception of Hogan) a non draw as you killed WCW. Ouch!

My reply is simple, if no one is watching WWE, how in the hell do they draw 75,000 people to Mania and demolish TNA in the ratings each week. WWE must be doing something right!

You bash the internet wrestling community yet post comments directly aimed at them and the sites you obviously visit. Don’t be a mark for yourself Eric!

If wrestling fans, reporters or anyone else want to talk TNA, WWE, ROH or any other wrestling show, it’s their right to do so. It’s called free speech.

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4 Responses

  1. chris says:

    Bischoff is a tool, always has and will, the only contrbution he ever made was getting coffee for Verne Gange

  2. Dave says:

    And Still HTM thinks people pay attetion to him, How sad….

  3. lance says:

    Dave…the sad thing is that nobody listens or reads Bishoff either. I give Bischoff until the end of the year..and he’s history. As he should be. He leeches off of TNA, have never turned a profit nor even come close to it and the problem is, he never will. The difference between Bischoff and HTM is that Honky makes sense. Bischoff is too busy kissing Dixie Carter’s ass trying to keep a job in the BS company. WWE kills TNA not only in ratings but in gross revenue generated. WWE will give you their PPV buy rates. TNA are so ashamed of their paltry buy rates that they’ve never released one number. Compare an average WWE buy rate of 180 to 200 thousand buys to TNA’a average of 8 thouand. WOW!!! Yep, that wascally wabbit Eric Bischoff has really made a difference.

  4. johnnybadd says:

    honky makes way more sense than eric does! bischoff is 2-faced when tna goes under soon bischoff will be beggin for vince 2 hire him. hey i got an idea, bischoff can get vince or stephanie’s coffee.

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