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Daniel Bryan posts first blog since returning to WWE

Daniel Bryan wrote on his blog that being the surprise seventh member of
Team WWE at SummerSlam was “by far the biggest opportunity” of his wrestling
career. Bryan was brought back after he was fired this past June for
breaking the company’s TV-PG policy, choking out RAW ring announcer Justin
Roberts with his tie and then spitting on John Cena. “Coming out in the
Staples Center and walking past The Miz to go fight with Nexus was an
amazing experience and something I’ll never forget,” he added, noting that
he still has a long way to go to reach his dream. He then thanked the fans
who supported him during the past few months.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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4 Responses

  1. Morgan says:

    That was truly great moment.
    I hope they can utilise his skills in a good way.
    I wonder if it was all a works from the beginning or if the WWE changed there minds down the line.

  2. Ed says:

    Daniel Bryan was never really fired it was just a hoax, & we all fell for it.

  3. coma says:

    Ed, honestly ask yourself what that accomplishes for the WWE. He was fired, it wasn’t a hoax, and they hired him as soon as Linda got her nomination. This isn’t difficult, detective, open your eyes. The WWE isn’t stupid. Bryan vs. Miz was over like gangbusters and could have been used to their advantage during this droll undercard that was Summerslam. Instead, they got rid of him for political purposes, brought him back and surprised everyone with him. It wasn’t a hoax, it was just business. It just worked out for them. (If it was a hoax, he never would have booked indy dates.)

  4. cas says:

    hoax or no hoax… glad to see him in a wwe ring. good luck in the future

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