8/19 TNA Impact Recap (Fortune Reigns)

Aug 19, 2010 - by Jason Graening

Impact immediately opens with footage from 30 minutes prior to the show starting where Jeff Hardy is attacking Abyss in the back.  Abyss is able to turn the fight into his favor and brings Hardy into a nearly empty Impact Zone.  They make their way towards the ring and Abyss sends Hardy into the steps and the guard railing.  The two then brawl to the other side of the Impact Zone and out into the parking lot where the fans are still making their way in.  Security, in the form of Gunner and Murphy, come out and hold back Hardy as we head to a live shot of Eric Bischoff walking towards the ring.

Bischoff says he has never seen anything as horrific as he saw last week with the attack on EV2.  Bischoff puts the blame solely on Ric Flair and personally apologizes to Dixie Carter and tells her that Flair will be held accountable.  As for Abyss, what he did to RVD was borderline homicidal and he has no idea what is coming to him from Hogan and Bischoff.

As for RVD, his condition is worse than they thought and has 117 stitches and may have severe head trauma.  Bischoff then says when RVD can return, he will be welcome in TNA with open arms.  The show must go on, though, and they have decided to vacate the TNA World Championship.  As a result, a single elimination tournament will take place and will end at Bound for Glory.  The top eight contenders will participate in the tournament and it will all start tonight.

Match 1: Rob Terry vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Title Tournament)
Hardy looks to be moving a little gingerly around the ring and is wrestling in blue jeans and a tank top.  Hardy goes right on the attack but Terry is able to take Hardy down with a chokeslam.  Hardy is able to get back into the match and score a couple of near falls but he cannot keep Terry down.  Terry tries for a comeback but Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and then a Swanton Bomb for the pin fall.

Fortune is seen arriving to the Impact Zone as Ric Flair, Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, Beer Money, Kazarian and Douglas Williams all get out of a stretch Hummer and we head into a commercial break.

A video recap highlights the beat down of EV2 last week from the hands of Fortune.  The footage from ReAction with Dixie Carter telling Tommy Dreamer to get the guys to Impact next week to make things right.

The docu-cam sneaks up on Hulk Hogan talking on a cell phone and he says that he is thinking of quitting after what happened last week.  Hogan says he spent months building TNA around RVD and no he is out and is irreplaceable.

Match 2: Jay Lethal vs. Mr. Anderson (TNA World Title Tournament)
Lethal and Anderson share a fist bump before they lock up to show a sign of respect to each other.  The two go back and forth with counter after counter and neither of them get the upper hand.  Anderson finally gains control of the match and picks up a few near falls until Lethal finally lands a back elbow.  Lethal then misses with a missile dropkick and Anderson comes back with the Mic Check for the pin fall.  After the match, Anderson picks up Lethal and shakes his hand before celebrating his victory.

Christy is with Angelina Love and says that Madison Rayne has cashed in on her rematch tonight.  Angelina says she isn’t scared of her or her little body guard but will not give up her title without a fight.  Angelina says she will also have backup of her own tonight.

The Motorcity Machine Guns footage from last week’s ReAction is aired.  We are then told that the Machine Guns will be in action next week on Impact.

Match 3: Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love (TNA Knockouts Championship)

Madison comes out on a motorcycle with the masked motorcycle woman.  Angelina, on the other hand, comes out with Velvet Sky.  The four then go at it around the ringside area and Madison rolls Angelina into the ring to get this match started.  Madison works over Angelina for a few moments until Angelina fights her way into the match.  Velvet then distracts Madison and Angelina hits Madison with a superkick to pick up the pin fall and retains her championship.  Velvet Sky then enters the ring and raises Angelina hand as they are attacked from behind by Madison and the motorcycle woman before they leave the ring.

Fortune is seen walking in the back as Mike Tenay wonders if there will be ramifications for their attack on EV2 last week.

Footage of Hardcore Justice is aired as well as the beat down EV2 got last week at the hands of Fortune and Abyss.  Fortune is seen standing in the ring and Ric Flair introduces his faction, which now includes Douglas Williams and Matt Morgan.  Flair then says that the circus act called EV2 makes him sick and they don’t belong in the business.  Flair says they are wrestlers and EV2 can kiss his ass.

AJ Styles steps in and says that they gave them a hardcore finale just as they wanted.  Styles says he is TNA and calls the Impact Zone the house that AJ Styles built.  He is then cut off by Dixie Carter who says she owns the house and brings out EV2 with her.  Dixie then says that none of the EV2 guys had contracts until tonight.  Dreamer then steps in and says they will get their revenge on Abyss and continues by challenging Styles to a hardcore match later tonight.

The docu-cam is with Kurt Angle who says he has a match against Douglas Williams tonight and says that he is only three wins away from winning the TNA World Championship.

Match 4: Douglas Williams vs. Kurt Angle (TNA World Title Tournament)
Williams gains early control of the match before tossing Angle out to the floor.  Williams then continues on the attack and goes for a pin fall but Angle is able to put his foot on the rope.  Williams then locks Angle in a submission hold but he is able to fight his way out of it and turns on the offense.  Angle picks up near fall after hitting a belly-to-belly suplex.  Angle then hits a series of German suplexes and picks up a near fall but Williams kicks out.  Angle then goes for an Angle Slam but Williams counters and tries for the Chaos Theory but Angle counters with the ankle lock to make Williams tap out.

Sting and Kevin Nash are seen walking in the back and Sting is back in his black and white face paint.  Mike Tenay says we will hear from the two up next.

The docu-cam is with Mr. Anderson who says he is in the final four but hates that it is due to what happened to RVD.  Anderson says, though, that the show must go on.

Sting’s music hits as he comes down to the ring with Kevin Nash.  Nash gets on the microphone and says he has a past with Sting but doesn’t respect any man more than him.  Nash continues to say that he is still in this business because he loves it and will not step aside just because he was asked to.  Jeff Jarrett then cuts Nash off and tells Nash that he will never change and it will always be about himself.

Jarrett continues on and says there is a locker room full of guys that are sick of what they are doing and says TNA is better off since Hogan and Bischoff came on board.  Jarrett then goes on and says he is going to beat both of their asses in the ring as Hogan’s voice is heard.  Hogan says Jarrett will not be going down to the ring by himself and says that everyone knows what Nash and Sting are all about.

Hogan and Jarrett begin walking towards the ring but the lights turn off as they get in the ring.  When the lights come back on we see Fortune in the ring and are taking everyone out.  Fortune then stand united in the ring and pose with some hand gestures as we head into a commercial break.

The docu-cam is with the EV2 guys and Tommy Dreamer wants Raven to see the bigger picture.  Raven wants to attack Fortune now but Dreamer wants to do it right as Dixie Carter was nice enough to give them contracts.  Raven finally agrees as he says they will make mistakes eventually.

Match 5: Matt Morgan vs. D’Angelo Dinero (TNA World Title Tournament)

Dinero starts out by taking Morgan down with a series of strikes in the corner and goes for a cover but Morgan quickly kicks out.  Morgan then comes back with a discus clothesline before hitting the Pope with a series of elbows.  Morgan then powers him down with a chokeslam but decides to talk smack instead of going for the pin.  The match heads out to the floor and Morgan tries to kick Pope’s head against the ring post but the Pope ducks out of the way and Morgan crotches himself on the ring post.  Dinero then rolls Morgan in and picks up the pin fall for the win.

We then see a graphic with the tournament brackets displayed as Jeff Hardy will face off against Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson will take on D’Angelo Dinero in the semi-finals.  The final four will take place at No Surrender.  AJ Styles and Tommy Dreamer are then shown walking towards the ring as the main event is up next.

Mick Foley is with the docu-cam and says he didn’t see what happened last week to EV2 since was taken out with one shot.  Foley says he is part of EV2 and there will be vengeance even though doctors say he isn’t ready to fight just yet.  Foley does say that he is willing to follow Tommy Dreamer every step of the way.

Match 6: AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer
Styles and Dreamer go back and forth in the early moments and Dreamer is able to backdrop Styles over the top rope and onto the floor.  Dreamer follows him out there and continues beating him down before rolling Styles back into the ring.  Dreamer is able to pick up a pin attempt after a running slam and another after a pump handle slam but Styles is able to get his foot on the rope.

Styles begins to mount a comeback and opens up a wound on Dreamer’s forehead.  Styles then puts Dreamer in a headlock but Dreamer fights out of it with a backdrop.  Styles then comes back with a Pele kick and tries for a flying forearm but Dreamer is able to counter and takes Styles out with a DDT.  As Dreamer is crawling over to make a cover, Fortune begins making their way to the ring.  EV2, though, meets them on the ramp and begins taking them out.

As Earl Hebner has his hands full with all of the action in the entrance ramp, Abyss comes out from under the ring and takes Dreamer out with a Black Hole Slam.  Styles then covers Dreamer to pick up the pin fall.  Abyss is then seen walking through the crowd as EV2 and Fortune continue to battle in the ringside area.  Security tries to break things up as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results

– Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Terry by pin fall to advance in the TNA World Title Tournament.
– Mr. Anderson defeated Jay Lethal by pin fall to advance in the TNA World Title Tournament.
– Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne by pin fall to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.
– Kurt Angle defeated Douglas Williams by submission to advance in the TNA World Title Tournament.
– D’Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan by pin fall to advance in the TNA World Title Tournament.
– AJ Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer by pin fall.

Starman’s Thoughts
After the brutal beat down that ended last week’s show, Rob Van Dam has been stripped of the title due to the fact that he will be off of television for a while.  Eric Bischoff then announced an 8-man tournament to crown a new champion, with the four qualifying matches taking place on tonight’s show.

There really wasn’t any surprises as to the four who advanced to the semi-finals, but I did find it odd that all four are fan favorites.  There is not one heel among them.  What was even more odd was the fact that the two members of Fortune who were in the tournament lost their matches.  On an episode that was all about putting them over, these losses seemed out of place, especially considering that Douglas Williams and Matt Morgan are the new members of the group.

Fortune finally did get a win at the end of the show with a little help from Abyss as AJ Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer.  By the way, whatever happened to Styles defending the Television Title each and every week?  I think he has defended just once since making that declaration.

I hope I wasn’t the only one bored tonight during the exchange between Nash/Sting and Jarrett/Hogan.  I was actually expecting to see Jarrett turn on Hogan, or vice versa, and was glad to see the lights go out as I knew what was going to happen at that point.  Even while losing two of the three matches they were in, Fortune did make a name for themselves tonight.

Finally, it was good to see Angelina Love and Velvet Sky back together once again.  These two work great together but I still hope something more is done with the Knockouts Division and soon.  There is only so much the Beautiful People can do with all of their internal feuding before it really starts to grow tiresome.

I would love to hear your thoughts on tonight’s show.  Feel free to email them to me at starman@inlinefusion.com or post your comments here or on my website, www.thehexagoncircle.com.

The Starman

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