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Two people will be cut tonight!

All the rookies come to the ring and have one min. to talk about anything they want. All of these guys talk about each other, Percy went first and rambled on about OH YEAH and just talking, Alex Riley went on talking about himself and how great he is. Michael McGillicutty went next and talked crap about each of the remaining guys and mocked each of them. Kaval then raps and talks about how everyone is lame and then says he is ready to do some TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION, after he says that Cole and Striker and Josh ask why in the world he’d say that. Husky then talks about his boots and how the devil wears boots and so does he. Matt says someone is getting cut right now!

And cut is………….. Percy Watson…… He then does an interview and says that well first off i’d like to thank everyone out there for Percy Watson OH YEAH! and thanks to MVP. He says he learns so much from him and then says he cant be mad or anything cause he is gonna train and get better and best believe he will have a good time OH YEAH!

Striker then says one more person will be cut tonight who will it be?


Match #1
Michael McGillicutty vs. Zach Ryder

Zach locks up with Michael and goes to work on him until Michael shoves Ryder and then both men lock back up again and thats when Michael takes control of the match and works on the shoulder of Ryder. Ryder then gets kicked in the face two or three time until getting kicked to the outside of the ring, he does a baseball slide but Ryder moves then hits a hard kick on the outside to Michael. Ryder slides him back in the ring and gets a two count, then tries again and still gets a two count, Ryder then works on Michael in the corner and then pulls him in the middle of the ring and goes for the win but only gets another two count. Ryder then keeps up and goes to work on Michael, Michael then gets a reversal into the corner and then takes back the match and hits a hard splash in the in the corner. Michael then hits a back body drop, but Ryder hits a neck breaker from the outside then crawls in the ring and hits his finisher and goes for the pin for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Zach Ryder

Josh and Michael go over Summerslam and Undertaker’s return. They keep talking about the situation and how they both locked up.

Kaval is backstage with LayCool then argue about helping each other out at Summerslam….

Husky then says do you believe in love at first sight? Then i’ll walk around again… No says Michelle and walks off….


Match #2
Husky Harris vs. Kaval

Kaval goes right to work on Husky with some kicks but it doesn’t effect Husky as he throws Kaval into the corner. and then Husky just manhandles Kaval as the match continues Kaval then hits a rolling Liger kick knocking Husky on his back and Kaval then gets some control of the match with a springboard kick off the ropes and only gets a two count. Kaval goes up top but misses and Husky hits his finisher and Kaval then kicks out. Kaval counters Husky’s finisher and goes up top and hits his finisher stomp kick to the throat of Husky and pins him for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Kaval


Match #3
Alex Riley vs. Kofi Kingston

The match starts off with Kofi and Alex going to work on each other, not even about 30 seconds later Kofi hits the Trouble in paradise and then pins him for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Kofi Kingston




Michael Cole says Kaval should be cut and then Josh then says Kaval does need cut cause he says Alex Riley needs to win as coming up next we will see the next cut.


Matt is ringside with the remaining four guys and the next cut is……………

……… Husky Harris has been cut… Cody Rhodes then says how dare everyone and also then goes off and Husky and him get in a fight because Husky says its his time. Cody then says let him tell them why he should of not been cut… He then talks crap to everyone then beats up Kaval until Kofi and MVP come to his rescue and that’s when everyone starts brawling… Kaval then goes to the top and jumps off on Husky sending him on his way. As another week of NXT comes to an end!

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