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Smackdown SPOILERS for Friday

– Rey Mysterio cut a promo to kick off the show. He thanked the fans for supporting them and said he was sorry for losing at Summerslam. Mysterio was then interrupted by the debuting Alberto Del Rio. Rio mocked Mysterio and ran him down. Mysterio slapped Del Rio and gave him the 619.

(1) Kofi Kingston d. Dolph Ziggler on a DQ when Vicki Guerrero got involved. After the match Dolph beat Kofi down and have him the sleeper.

– LayCool trashed Melina backstage. Hornswoggle was spying on them from the background.

– CM Punk told Serena and Luke Gallows that if they lose tonight they are out of the SES.

(2) Serena and Luke Gallows d. Kelly Kelly and Big Show when Serena pinned Kelly. Punk came down after the match and hugged Serena but didn’t pay any attention to Luke.

– Kane cut a promo that lasted between 12-15 minutes. He talked about why he attacked his brother and said it was a 15 year plan that finally came into affect.

(3) Christian d. Drew McIntyre. Cody Rhodes attacked Christian after the match and Matt Hardy tried to make the save but Drew and Cody beat them both down.

– Jack Swagger challenged MVP to a match next week where if he wins he gets to host the VIP Lounge and he accepted.

– Teddy Long told Kane backstage that Undertaker will be on Smackdown next week. Kane says it will be hell on earth for him if he does show up.

(4) Alberto Del Rio d. Rey Mysterio with an arm bar. The match was said to be decent. Del Rio had a very elaborate entrance with a Spanish ring announcer and all.

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  1. so says:

    the main event is alberto vs rey? or is there more to the spoiler?

  2. Junior says:

    Finally Serena has a match. Good thing she got the win!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope Serena makes it into the next SvR game as DLC or a playable Diva, because she’s a vixen. Now that CM Punk is single, and not dating Lita, do you think he’ll go out with Serena next? =)

  4. Anon says:

    What is the point in banging constant promos onto smackdown for Del Rio gaining him heat to start the show like that? I get that he went over Rey Rey in the match but if you’re gonna have rey come out and cut such a babyface promo to have him get slapped by Rey and beat up. In my mind that just makes him look immediately weak. If after Rey slapped him, Del Rio had beat up Rey, that would have made him an instant heel, would have got him serious heat especially after Reys promo and would have given the later match more meaning.

  5. Carl says:

    i agree with anon about having Rio being cut down in the opening segment. If he is perceived to be a strong heel it would have been a complete beatdown. I hope its a typo that he went over on Rey with an arm bar. Was this a submission because he had worked on it the whole match?

  6. Ed says:

    Del Rio is a redo of Salvatore Sincere gimmick from the early 90’s. McMahon likes to reuse gimmicks all the time. Cody Rhodes who still only has a job due to who his daddy is copying Rick The Model Martel & Sylvian had the gimmick a little while. Swagger is the new Kurt Angle but no where near as good. David Otunga is the new Chris Nowiztski but is more like Batista with a lot less dominace and he also sucks as well. Hornswaggle replaced Dink the Clown. Chris Masters who only has a job since he’s Orton’s best friend is the new Hercules/Warlord. The list goes on and on. Christian other then the Undertaker is the most over wrestler not wearing any gold & is more over then the Miz or Ziggler. However, Ziggy should have won the gold at SummerSlam last year but Mysterio EGO got in the way. Christian should have beaten Swagger instead of Myterio this year. If you want Vickie to have a job since Eddie died give a role behind the scenes so we never ever have to see/hear her ugly face/voice again.

  7. DN1981 says:

    I’m glad Serena finally gets to wrestle, too. I saw some video of her as a wrestler, and she wasn’t bad!

    As for Gallows, I hope this is the end of the line for him in the SES. He’s just not believable as a heel, not to mention the awkwardness. His spot should have gone to Mike Knox, and Gallows should have remained as Festus. I really miss Biscuits & Gravy.

    Joey Mercury is another unnecessary addition. Those two weaken the credibility of the group, and all they add to it are more shaved heads.

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