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Pictures from the Summerslam Fan Axxess

From Jorge Uribe:

I Just got back from a full day of WWE summerslam axxess, I got to meet many superstars and take awesome pictures. First I got to meet sheamus but nothing exciting happened, then I got to meet Jillian Hall and hornswoggle Jillian is beautiful in person she looks like a real life barbie doll, I also got to meet rey mysterio I did my best Rey impression and he seemed to find it amusing, later i got to pose as an action figure and make my own wwe entrance video, I got to meet 6 members of the nexus throughout the day (only tarver was missing). i got to meet melina and vickie guerrero and found out neither can speak spanish very well. dolph ziggler continues to be awesome everytime i meet him, the best part was when i gave 2 custom made barbie dolls to lay-cool and almost got hugged to death by them both, i met alot of wrestlers and did alot of things but the best part is I get to do it all again tomorrow plus summerslam and then monday night raw!!! its a great time to be a fan in Los Angeles

(Special thanks to Jorge for his cover of WWE Summerslam Fan Axxess, Summerslam, and the two Raw’s this week in Los Angeles!)

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