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Carson’s Corner: Shine Fights announcer Beau “One Man Army” Taylor‏

World-famous MMA fighter and play-by-play sports announcer Beau “One Man Army” Taylor is today’s featured guest. Beau was recently signed by Shine Fights to act as the color commentator for the upcoming Shine Lightweight Grand Prix pay-per-view show.

Today, you’ll hear Taylor explain to host Bob Carson how the Underground Forum contributed to him landing this coveted job. Listen to what Taylor has to say about the Underground (“UG”) and many other fight-related topics. “One Man Army” is always entertaining and he certainly doesn’t disappoint on today’s show.

On today’s “Ask Frank Dux” segment, Frank brings a very special guest with him, Mr. Justin Ray Harvey. This is a follow-up from the discussion on last week’s show, where a listener emailed to ask Frank about his work with the physically disadvantaged. Last week’s discussion led to a deeper dissection and analysis of Frank’s work with physically disadvantaged people and how he personally has grown and matured in these endeavors. Frank and Justin Ray Harvey are on today to further discuss this topic.

To hear the show, click here:

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