ROH on HDNET 08/16/10

Aug 17, 2010 - by staff


We start the show with some In Ring Action..l.

Jerry Lynn v. Rhett Titus/w Austin Aries

Lynn and Titus have history. Titus, Kenny King, and Austin Aries have beat Lynn down months ago. Now it is time for Lynn to get some revenge. Titus is not bad in the ring, but with Lynn he looks great. Pretty quick match with Lynn feeling the outside interference from Aries for most of the match. Lynn gets the pin on a roll up.

Winner-Jerry Lynn
After the match Austin Aries and Kenny King rush the ring to work Lynn over. Not a bad match , but ROH uses the roll up too much. We will see with Adam Pearce being replaced as head booker by El Genericho if that changes.

Backstage we see Kevin Steen and Steve Corino holding a chain. They are saying that the chain is what holds them together. It is their new friend. And that they will introduce El Generico and Colt Cabana to their new friend very soon.

In Ring Action….

El Genericho v. Eric Stevens

Genricho is moving up the ranks in ROH, as least backstage. About a 5 minute match with Steve Corino and Kevin Steen attacking Genericho causing a DQ. They are beating him with their new friend the chain. Out comes Colt Cabana for the save, but it is too late.

More In Ring Action….

House of Truth v. Mike Sydal and Aidn Chambers

This should be a good one. Mike is the brother of Matt Sydal, aka, Evan Bourne. We start the match on the top rope. This is about a 3 minute match, and no lie all 3 minutes were on the top rope. House of Truth hits their finisher, a double knee drop to the back of the head, for the win.

Winner-House of Truth

Main Event

Winner gets a shot at the ROH World Title

Roderick Strong/w Truth Martini v. Davey Richards

These two could wrestle every week and I would watch. Scratch that, everyday. So sad Davey is retiring at the end of the year. I have to believe ROH will put the strap on him before he goes. The wrestlers begin with some amateur moves that get the crowd hungry. We then move to the submission part of the match where both men stretch the hell out of each other. Again a great story is being told. Richards is truly sadistic. Richards locks on the arm bar for a submit, but no luck as Roderick pushes back. We are about 15 minutes in and both me a dripping with sweat. Davey locks on another arm bar submission and rolls it in to a cover for another near fall. Davey hits a belly to back suplex on top of Roderick head. He follows this right into a head scissors submission. Strong rolls that into a strong hold submission. The ref gets knocked out and Shane Hagedorn grabs Strong to help Richards. Richards push Hagedorn down to do it on his own. When he turns around Strong hits him with a super kick for the win.

Winner-Roderick Strong
He is headed to New York to wrestle Tyler Black for the ROH World Title.


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