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– From the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

– Raw begins with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcoming us to the show.

– The Nexus make their way ot the ring to kick off the show, Wade Barrett says what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. He says Team WWE narrowly defeated them last night, and they defeated 6 of the top superstars in WWE. He says they are still here to take over WWE and there are consequences due to their defeat. Barrett says there is more punishment and suffering to be delivered to Raw Superstars. He is cut off by John Cena. Cena says he admires Barrett for being the fearless leader of The Nexus, but Barrett is solely responsible for Nexus’ loss last night as he tapped out. Cena says he bets Barrett is kicking himself for kicking Daniel Bryan to the curb as he eliminated half of Nexus by himself! Cena says The Nexus has been strong together, but will fall separately. He says Otunga looks like a sub-par male escort clinging to someone’s arm on the red carpet. Tarver looks like an MMA bank robber who works nights as a stripper, Slater looks like the chick from Wendy’s, he implies Justin Gabriel is gay, implies Sheffield is dumb & tells Darren Young he should change his name to the Weakest Link as he gave up in under a minute last night. We have an email from the GM, he says every member of Nexus must face every member of Team WWE tonight in singles competition and if any other member of Nexus interferes in the matches, there will be consequences. Barrett says this is an opportunity for them to redeem themselves, he tells Nexus if any of them fail in their matches, they will be exiled from Nexus. Otunga grabs the mic and says if Barrett loses, he’d happily take his place as leader. Barrett says either way, by the end of tonight, Nexus will be stronger. We have another email it says Nexus may decide amongst themselves who faces who, except Barrett, who will face former mentor Chris Jericho, next!

(1) Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho
Fans are firmly behind Jericho chanting âہ“Y2J”. Good back and forth match; both men are getting good offence. Jericho attempts the Walls of Jericho; Barrett reverses it into a Fireman’s Carry Slam attempt. Jericho wriggles out of it. Wade hits a big boot. Jericho locks in the Walls, Barrett makes it to the ropes, Jericho then hits the insurguri and goes for the Codebreaker, Barrett reverses into his Fireman’s Carry Slam and covers Jericho for the win in a good match. The leader survives.

– Justin Roberts introduces tonight’s time wasters; I mean Guest Hosts, Justin Long, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis. They suck up to the LA fans for a while before introducing the âہ“Next World Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty” who are of course, the current champions. They enter the ring and the hosts disappear. We have an email. The GM says from this point forward, the Unified WWE Tag Team Championships will simply be known as the WWE Tag Team Championships. And here to present the new championships, WWE Hall of Famer, Bret âہ“Hitman” Hart! Bret walks to the ring with the new, smart-looking Tag Team Championships. He hands the titles to The Hart Dynasty and they celebrate. On the titantron, Wade Barrett announces Hart will face Justin Gabriel. Justin says Bret has felt many things in his career, but has never felt his 450 Splash.

– We are shown Vince McMahon’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

(2) Michael Tarver vs. Daniel Bryan
Cole is totally verbally destroying Bryan. Bryan is in total control of the match, Cole runs down Bryan for being a vegan and not owning a TV. Alex Riley and The Miz run to ringside to distract Bryan, Tarver rolls him up for the win and to stay in Nexus. After the match, Bryan attacks Riley and Miz, Tarver gets involved and they get the upper hand, Riley and Tarver hold Bryan up on the outside of the ring which allows Miz to spear him. Miz then hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Bryan onto the MITB Briefcase. The briefcase is dented. Riley, Miz and Cole trash Bryan to end the segment.

– Backstage Josh Matthews catches up with The Miz and Alex Riley. Miz says he was never respected by Bryan from day one, and then after begging Miz to join Team WWE last night, he was replaced by Bryan. He says if they are truly looking for the next breakout star, look no further than Alex Riley. Riley says he is the real deal and that Bryan is lucky to even have a job in WWE. He says he will be the next winner of NXT.

– Also backstage, in Nexus’ locker room, Darren Young has decided he wants to face John Cena, he says last month Cena brutilised him, and tonight, he wants his revenge. That leaves Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield & David Otunga in the Nexus and Edge, John Morrison & R-Truth in Team WWE without an opponent.

– Justin Gabriel makes his way to the ring for his match against Bret Hart. We receive another email. It says Bret Hart will not be competing tonight, the GM says he doesn’t like Bret Hart, never has liked him and never will. He says he doesn’t want to see Bret compete on Raw ever again. The GM says Gabriel’s new opponent is making his way to the ring now.

(3) Justin Gabriel vs. Randy Orton
Gabriel shoves Orton which infuriates him. the fans are firmly behind Orton, Gabriel doesn’t even get out of the starting blocks. Orton hits the scoop slam, followed by the elevated DDT, Orton then sets up for the RKO. WWE Champion Sheamus runs to the ring, Orton spots him and rolls out of the ring, Orton goes nuts on Sheamus and fights him over the barrier, into the crowd. The referee reaches the 10 count, giving Gabriel the victory via countout, Gabriel celebrates in the ring, Orton sneaks up behind him and delivers a huge RKO! On the outside, Orton grabs a steel chair and goes crazy on Sheamus! The fans are going totally nuts for this! Orton begins to leave, he then runs back and delivers a massive RKO to Sheamus on the outside! The fans are going nuts again! Orton leaves up the ramp and poses to a chorus of cheers.

(4) David Otunga & Skip Sheffield vs. John Morrison & R-Truth
Relatively short match here, maybe they’ve teamed the two in-ring weakest togther, just my speculation. Sheffield hits the Lariat Clothesline on Morrison for the win. Sheffield & Otunga are still a part of Nexus.

– Up next; Six Diva Tag Team Match.

(5) Divas Champion Melina, Eve Torres & Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox, Maryse & Jillian
The heel Divas pick up the victory as Jillian pins Eve after a powerbomb from the second rope. The heel Divas get in each others faces’ after the match.

– Josh Matthews interviews Edge backstage. Edge says it came as no surprise to him that Team WWE, the team he led, was victorious last night. Heath Slater appears behind him, Edge tells Matthews to hit the bricks. Slater says he patented himself around Edge, same hair cut, same rock star good looks, so how about Edge just take the night off and forfeit the match tonight, Slater says its no big deal. Edge says normally he would consider it, but he doesn’t want the record books to say he forfeited to a Wendy-looking, ginger haired Edge wannabe. Edge goes to leave, Slater nails him in the back of the head and leaves.

(6) Heath Slater vs. Edge
The fans are chanting âہ“Wendy Sucks!” reasonably good match, Edge is in control, spills to the outside, Edge is setting up the Spear, Slater avoids and slips into the ring to narrowly beat the referee’s count of 10, Edge doesn’t make it back in therefore another match ends in a countout. Slater survives.

– Backstage segment with the Guest Hosts, The Great Khali, Ranjin Singh and The Bellas. â€ËœNuff said.

– We are shown a video package of WWE’s SummerSlam week in L.A.

– Up next; John Cena vs. Darren Young.

(7) Darren Young vs. John Cena
The rest of Nexus make their way to the stage, they are allowed to observe but not interfere. Pretty slow match to begin, Cena and Young exchange the advantage, the action once again spills to the outside, Young dropkicks the steel steps into Cena’s head, Young gets back in the ring and looks for yet another countout victory for Nexus, Cena beats the count. Cena gets fired up and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, he then sets Young up for the AA, Young manages to escape, Cena locks in the STF and Young taps out! Young is the only member of Nexus to have been defeated. Nexus surround the ring after the match, they leave one side of the ring unguarded which allows Cena to escape. The Nexus get in the ring and surround Young, Young recovers and begs Barrett to give him another chance, Otunga knocks Young down, Sheffield hits the Lariat Clothesline, Barrett hits the Fireman’s Carry Slam and Gabriel hits the 450 Splash. The Nexus stands over Young and celebrates as Raw comes to a close.

Quick Results
Wade Barrett def. Chris Jericho
Michael Tarver def. Daniel Bryan
Justin Gabriel def. Randy Orton via Countout
Skip Sheffield & David Otunga def. John Morrison & R-Truth
Alicia Fox, Maryse & Jillian def. Divas Champion Melina, Eve Torres & Gail Kim
Heath Slater def. Edge via Countout
John Cena def. Darren Young

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11 Responses

  1. The Miz says:

    BRYAN IS NOTHING! The Miz made that punk who he is today, he should be kissing his feet! I hope Bryan gets destroyed by Alex and Miz!

  2. CrayZ says:

    Talk about ignorant. Bryan is 100x the wrestler Miz could ever be. Go watch some of Bryan’s old ROH matches, come back, apologise for your stupidity.

  3. Vince says:

    God Michael Cole is annoying! I wish he would stop crying and get fired already! what are they waiting for? Commentary is nothing short of abysmal

  4. Ian says:

    that was so lame tonight…the weakest, worst member of Nexus took on Super-Cena…after everyone else from Nexus won, obviously he was going to lose…at least he put up a good fight in a good match, while Tarver won a BS match when Miz/Riley showed up…Slater and Gabriel both won by CO, Gabriel after more interference (which was also very obvious as soon as Orton came out).

    Also Bryan is definitely a much better wrestler than Miz or Riley.

  5. marks and smarks says:

    BD is overrated, well maybe not overrated, he’s just only as good as his competition. If Miz is playing a heal he needs to play the old wrestling heel who wins ay any cost. What would help the miz get over as a heel is to have him cheat! Give him a chain! Now I realize it PGWWE and its gotta suit the kiddies and the right wing conservatives but a simple effective tool in getting a heel over would be a chain! No flaming tables with a seventy five year old woman giving birth to a finger poke of doom! Just a simple chain that he would pull out of his tights while the ref isn’t looking and use to cheat his way to victory over our vulnerable hero DB. Its wrestling booking 101. And the great thing about wrestling booking 101 is that you don’t need to look like zeus himself. You don’t need to be a cookie cutter cutout with a body chiseled from stone. You just have to be able to do the only thing you need to be good at to be a professional wrestler! What’s that you ask? SELL. Until next time….YOU want heat? Start a fire. You want the truth? The inside, insightful bare facts? Then look no further than to your AMERICAN STANDARD adam fairfax,,,,,,,

  6. eddiec says:

    bryan is one of the best superstars in wwe right now and would of won nxt if he didnt have a bad pro

  7. Adam says:

    Bryan is one of the best wrestlers they have to even suggest that, that so called “superstar” The Miz is even close to his level makes me want to puke. Please fire the useless talent WWE and bring some wrestling back.

  8. Marlon says:

    has anyone noticed how much cena and young look alike? pretty obvious show. The Miz bashing is crazy, the kid has come along way over the years and he is due. BD is pretty legit and has more ring time than miz plus traind by the best in ring performer in HBK he should have a long career in WWE.

  9. Denis says:

    True, Danielson is a much better wrestler than either The Miz or Alex Reily. And true, the Miz has come a long way. I hate the fact that Michael Cole said than BD has wrestled in “the minor leagues” for the past 10 years. Glad Lawler mentioned wrestling in Japan in front of 55,000. And no Cole, heading at Wrestlemania or event Raw doesn’t make you a star; Lawler was right. A lot of people haven’t headlined Wrestlemania, including The King, who is a legend in wrestling. Cole just needs to go, as does Vickie and the e-mail general manager. I noticed that Cena and Young look alike a couple of weeks back. Funny that Cena played on that last night. Too many wins for Nexus last night; even the countout wins were BS.

  10. lewis says:

    why cant they just show who the gm is its gettin boring with those emails

  11. IronHyde187 says:

    @ lewis – Yeah. It’s gettin’ old, & just causing the fans to hate Cole even MORE than they already do.

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