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WWE Summerslam coverage: Kane vs Rey Mysterio

(5) World Heavyweight Title match: Kane (c) vs Rey Mysterio. Not a very big pop for Rey in fact he is getting some boos. Kane brings the casket to the ring with him. They battle to the floor and Mysterio nails the seated senton off the apron. Back in the ring Rey goes for a moonsault but Kane takes his legs out from under him. Kane is working over the back of Mysterio. Back out on the floor he rams Mysterio’s back in to the ring post. Mysterio goes for a springboard and gets booted in the face. Kane opens he casket and Undertaker is not inside. Kane try’s to put Mysterio inside but he counters. Rey goes for the 619 but Kane counters and tosses Rey in the casket but he gets out before Kane can close to the lid. Mysterio hits the 619 but Kane counters Rey dropping the dime. Kane nails Rey with a chokeslam and gets the win.

Winner: Kane

– Kane cuts a promo after the match and says Mysterio will suffer in darkness inside the casket. Kane gives Mysterio two more chokeslams and a Tombstone. Kane opens the casket and Undertaker is inside. Undertake sits up and Kane looks scared to death. Undertaker turns to Mysterio and goes after him but tells Rey he believes him and turns his attention to Kane. Taker goes after Kane but he is able to fight off Taker’s attack and nail him with a Tombstone. Kane stands over Taker as his flaming pyro goes off.

– Footage is shown from Summerslam Axxess.

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8 Responses

  1. johnnybadd says:

    lets start takin bets 2 when undertaker pops out of the casket. i bet @ 10min mark

  2. Candyman says:

    nahhh i say taker pop out of the casket at the end of the match which will be 15 min. Then starts the third chapter of Kane vs Undertaker riverly

  3. Lukesd says:

    Hopefully the Undertaker will return but I’m not positive he will yet. Everyone is expecting it snd everyone might be really disappointed.

    I think theres a 50% chance Undertaker returns and a 50% chance Kane destroys Rey, locks him in the casket, and Rey finally gets some much needed time to heal up.

  4. brandon says:

    You are all wrong, mae young pops out at the end of the match.

  5. K-Train says:

    I bet at the end of the match Kane will attack mysterio Win or lose and then do takers pose after tombstoning mysterio and the casket will open and undertaker will pop out and attack Kane

  6. Reyo says:

    casket is empty… but the question is will the lights go out at any point?

  7. Theo says:

    Im going a different route. Shemaus comes out mad about what orton did and attacks rey and kane “spills shemaus guts over the floor” and miz cashes in m.i.t.b

  8. K-Train says:

    The lioghts will go out as kane attempts to put mysterio in the casket and then when the lights come on the casket will be closed. Kane will drop mysterio to reopen it and when he does he is greated by his undead brother.

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